Coronavirus - Booking Information and FAQs

Coronavirus - Booking Information and FAQs

With the current Coronavirus situation unfolding we understand that many of our clients are feeling anxious about their upcoming event, especially those scheduled for April and May.

If your event is still going ahead, please rest assured that all of the musicians and bands we’ve spoken to are currently pressing ahead with all bookings. Should any of the musicians show symptoms of Coronavirus, fall ill or need to self-isolate, they do have dep (stand-in) musicians of the same high standard on call to take their place.

What if I need to reschedule my event?

Under the Government’s current rules and advice we recommend that postponing and rescheduling your event to a date later in the year or early next year is the best way forward for all parties involved.

Should you need to reschedule your event, our position at Bands For Hire is that we are happy to move your deposit over to a new date.

All our bands and musicians have been extremely accommodating under the current circumstances and are happy to move to suitable dates if they’re available. For this reason we highly recommend running possible date options past us before confirming your new date, as this will ensure you don’t need to cancel completely.

Off-peak and Mid-week Dates

All of the musicians we represent are self-employed and as you can imagine are facing an extremely difficult period financially. For this reason we're requesting that our clients consider mid-week and off-peak dates in October, November, January, February and March where possible. This will ensure the overall loss of earnings for our musicians is limited and they’ll still be able to take on new bookings next year.

Many of our bands are politely requesting that 50% of the balance is paid by the current event date with the remaining 50% due before the rescheduled date. This will help to alleviate the financial strain they’re under.

What if I need to cancel completely?

At this time we're encouraging all clients to reschedule their events to an agreeable date in order to avoid cancellation fees. You’ll find our full cancellation terms on your signed contract, however, should you need to cancel completely we are doing our best to minimise or waiver cancellation fees where possible. Please speak to your agent if you need to discuss your situation.

Is my deposit refundable?

All deposits are non-refundable but we are more than happy to transfer your deposit over to a rescheduled date, subject to availability of the artist.

What should I do if my event is due to take place in July or August?

At this time our current focus is on rescheduling bookings due to take place before 13th April. We do anticipate that the ban on small gatherings and events will likely continue after this and so are also helping our clients to reschedule dates taking place during the subsequent weeks.

If your event is currently booked for July or August we appreciate there is still a degree of uncertainty. However, at this time we encourage our clients to await further government announcements before taking steps to reschedule.

Get in touch

If you’re concerned about your event please reply to your agent by email or give us call on 0845 073 9440. Our opening hours are 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.