Jazz and Swing Bands

Jazz and Swing Bands

Jazz hands at the ready – your event's about to get a heck of a lot more fancy once Bands for Hire's jazz and swing bands have taken the stage! One of the most classy, stylish genres of music to be heard by human ears, our jazz and swing bands are typically immaculate in their appearance as well as in their performance, and invite you and your guests to feel as fine as they look.

Hire Jazz Musicians

We offer a huge range of jazz and swing bands here, from solo jazz guitarists and jazz pianists, through jazz trios and quartets to jazz ensembles with additional horn sections and backing vocalists. It really depends on the size and vibe of your event – big parties, corporate and charity functions and wedding receptions tend to be held in larger venues and have larger budgets, so they would typically benefit from the fuller sound and larger scale spectacle our jazz ensembles provide. However, our flexible and accommodating jazz bands can strip themselves down to a three or four-piece; if your venue can't house a drum kit, or if you'd prefer quieter jazz to be played in the background, then this is the option for you.

Jazz and Swing Bands for Hire

Jazz is a multi-faceted genre, to say the least. We've got: modern jazz, trad jazz, gypsy jazz (in the style of legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt), cool jazz (developed by jazz legend Miles Davis), 1920s and 30s swing, and many more sub-categories besides. Going by singers alone, there's the sultry Nina Simone, the heartbreaking Billie Holiday, the heartwarming Nat King Cole, and the dripping-with-coolness Rat Pack: Dean Martin, Bing Crobsy, Sammy Davis, Jr., and, of course, Ol' Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra.

Jazz is notable among musicians as being one of the most complex and difficult styles to master – but this doesn't mean our fantastic jazz and swing bands are above playing a decent pop tune now again. Jazz musicians know better than anyone that more complex jazz can leave some people scratching their heads – so if any of your guests fall into this category, our jazz and swing bands will have a few pleasant surprises in store for them. Keep your eyes open for jazzed-up versions of popular hits by the likes of R. Kelly, Daft Punk, David Bowie, Ed Sheeran and even Justin Bieber!

Our jazz and swing bands for hire will more often than not provide all their own equipment, as well as a bespoke playlist (or even a DJ) to keep your guests entertained during breaks. If you have any specific queries, or require further details, please don't hesitate to contact our agency directly.

Jazz Background Music
Tuxedo Jazz
From £880
Tuxedo Jazz are available as a 3/4/5/6-piece band. Able to adapt from ‘background music’ to ‘music for dancing’ with ease, they are unquestionably one of our...
Swing Band For Hire | 4-piece to 6-piece
The Swing Band
From £840
Performing a selection of classic tracks from all the greats, 'The Swing Band' offer an authentic take on the 40's and 50's covering artists such as Frank Sinatra,...
Gypsy Jazz Trio For Hire
The Django Rags
From £490
The Django Rags present their own unique sound, offering a fun and welcoming mix of gypsy jazz, Latin standards and a dose of silliness in between. This highly...
Swing and Soul Band For Hire
Soul That Swings
From £1095
Soul That Swings offer a unique combination of Rat Pack, Pop and Soul for an unforgettable night of dancing for all ages. Stylish, soulful and ready to get the party...
London & Birmingham Jazz Trio / Quartet for Hire
On The Rocks
From £550
'On The Rocks' are a group of highly professional musicians having trained at the world renowned Royal Academy of Music. The band offer an eclectic repertoire of Jazz...
Trad Jazz, Dixieland & Gypsy Jazz Band
Pocket Full Of Swing
From £425
Pocket Full Of Swing are an acoustic jazz duo presenting their very own selection of finger-tapping gypsy jazz and vintage swing hits. With their unique blend of...
Young Jazz Band | Jazz Trio / Swing Band
Ain't That Jazz
From £495
'Ain't That Jazz' are a professional group of Jazz musicians with an eclectic repertoire that spans from early Jazz standards and the Rat Pack area, right through to...
Jazz Quartet for Sophisticated Background Music
Indigo Jazz
From £595
Add a cool and sophisticated soundtrack to your event with Indigo Jazz, an ultra-talented jazz quartet offering everything from well known jazz standards right through...
Vintage Acoustic Jazz / Swing Duo
Vintage Vibes
From £490
Vintage Vibes are an exciting vintage duo who perfectly capture the 1920s era with their effortless renditions of popular jazz, blues and swing classics. The band...
Midlands Gypsy Jazz Band
Belleville Ensemble
From £715
Add a Parisian flavour to the proceedings with this Gypsy Jazz inspired acoustic ensemble. With hints of Gypsy Jazz, New Musette, Classical & Tango music,...
Jazz and Swing Trio / Quartet
The Chaser Quartet
From £895
The Chaser quartet bring you the very best of both worlds; cool, smooth and sophisticated Jazz, as well as dance-floor favourites from the 1950s to the modern day. A...
Gypsy Jazz Band For Hire
The Gypsy Carnivals
From £880
The Gypsy Carnivals bring the sound of 1930's Paris back to life with their charming selection of gypsy jazz and modern covers. Their combination of violin, guitar and...
Vintage Singing Duo | Hire a Vintage Band
From £655
Meet LulaBelle, a stylish vintage duo bringing you a taste of the old and the new with their selection of modern classics with a twist. With a combination of beautiful...
Talented Young Jazz Trio | Jazz Background Music
Jazz Report
From £450
Jazz Report are a talented young jazz band available to hire for wedding receptions, corporate events and special occasions. The band's extensive repertoire includes...
Hampshire Jazz Trio
The Swing Rhythms Trio
From £425
This exceptional young jazz trio are certain to get the party in full swing with their selection of well known jazz and swing classics. Featuring a combo of saxophone,...
North West Jazz Duo / Trio For Hire
Jazz Roots
From £395
Jazz Roots are a stylish young jazz duo offering an extensive repertoire of jazz standards - perfect for weddings, corporate events and dinner parties. The band offers...
Jazz Duo / Jazz Trio and Big Band with Vocals
Afternoon In Paris
From £550
'Afternoon In Paris' are a talented jazz collective available to hire in a range of line-ups from solo guitar to jazz/vocal duo's, traditional jazz trios and more....
Swing Band for Hire
Swing Groove
From £1500
Swing Groove is a Swing Band and a Soul Band, covering all the party classics from Sinatra, Buble and Elvis through to Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder and more! With an...
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