Instrumental Jazz Bands for Hire

Instrumental Jazz Bands for Hire

Jazz is a many headed beast, and, according to the brilliant instrumental jazz bands we have here at Bands for Hire, many of those heads need never sing a single note! We've scoured the nation for the best players currently playing, and we're delighted to have available at a highly competitive rate several fantastic instrumental jazz bands, full trained at various esteemed jazz academies and colleges in how to blow your guests' minds!

Background Jazz Bands

The instrumental jazz bands we work with here at Bands for Hire perform instrumental jazz from a wide variety of sub genres. On this page you'll come across gypsy jazz, Dixieland jazz, cool jazz, trad jazz, jazz funk, jazz fusion, and more! You'll also find one or two instances of our instrumental jazz bands' clever interpretation of Richard Rogers' and George Gershwin's jazz standards from the Great American Songbook, alongside a few non-jazz surprises, all without breathing a word!

Cocktail Jazz, Lounge Jazz and Acoustic Jazz

We have all sorts of instrumental jazz bands for hire on this very page, ready to provide the soundtrack for any scale of event. For more low key events in smaller venues, we have solo jazz guitarists, acoustic jazz duos and jazz trios – plus jazz pianists, so let us know if your venue has the capacity to accommodate a piano, or if indeed it has one of its own our jazz pianist could use. This is ideal background music for when the canapés are being dished out during the wedding breakfast. At the other end of the spectrum, we have great big swing bands who perform jazz and swing from the 1920s and 30s, with a fanfare of brass, a rumble of drums and the excited accompaniment of backing dancers. It's up to you! And what's more – our flexible and accommodating instrumental jazz bands can jumble up their line-ups to better meet your venue and budget requirements. So let us know if you'd prefer for them to gain or lose a member here or there, or if you'd prefer a jazz cocktail, lounge or acoustic set.

Our instrumental jazz bands, with their impeccable timing, supreme musicianship and impressive tightness will be instrumental in making your event an unqualified success. Instrumental jazz can be celebratory, attention-grabbing, or even soft and lilting, so depending on whether you're planning a surprise birthday, corporate event, charity event, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, office party, work Christmas do, awards ceremony, graduation, wedding reception, garden party, drinks reception, private dinner function, store opening, VIP party, summer fete or gala, you'll want to decide whether our instrumental jazz band will be twiddling away in the background or standing in the spotlight centre stage.

  • The Django Rags
    The Django Rags
    From £490
    The Django Rags present their own unique sound, offering a fun and welcoming mix of gypsy jazz, Latin standards and a dose of silliness in between. This highly...
  • Ain't That Jazz
    Ain't That Jazz
    From £495
    'Ain't That Jazz' are a professional group of Jazz musicians with an eclectic repertoire that spans from early Jazz standards and the Rat Pack area, right through to...
  • Jazz Report
    Jazz Report
    From £450
    Jazz Report are a talented young jazz band available to hire for wedding receptions, corporate events and special occasions. The band's extensive repertoire includes...
  • Afternoon In Paris
    Afternoon In Paris
    From £550
    'Afternoon In Paris' are a talented jazz collective available to hire in a range of line-ups from solo guitar to jazz/vocal duo's, traditional jazz trios and more....
  • Blueprint Trio
    Blueprint Trio
    From £550
    Blueprint Trio provide a friendly and professional performance that will guarantee to make your occasion a memorable one. This 3-piece jazz band come with over 10...
  • The Gypsy Carnivals
    The Gypsy Carnivals
    From £880
    The Gypsy Carnivals bring the sound of 1930's Paris back to life with their charming selection of gypsy jazz and modern covers. Their combination of violin, guitar and...
  • The Jazz Lounge Trio
    The Jazz Lounge Trio
    From £645
    A tight knit 3-piece jazz band offering a collection of jazz standards for an air of class and sophistication. The Jazz Lounge Trio consists of three professionally...
  • Toby - Solo Pianist
    Toby - Solo Pianist
    From £250
    Toby is a talented young jazz pianist providing subtle, background jazz music for any occasion. He is the ideal choice if you're looking to add some ambiance to your...
  • The Dixie Rhythms
    The Dixie Rhythms
    From £610
    Bring the New Orleans era of trad jazz back to life with The Dixie Rhythms - probably the best New Orleans Jazz band outside of New Orleans! The Dixie Rhythms were...
  • On The Rocks
    On The Rocks
    From £550
    'On The Rocks' are a group of highly professional musicians having trained at the world renowned Royal Academy of Music. The band offer an eclectic repertoire of Jazz...
  • Indigo Jazz
    Indigo Jazz
    From £595
    Add a cool and sophisticated soundtrack to your event with Indigo Jazz, an ultra-talented jazz quartet offering everything from well known jazz standards right through...
  • Artisan Jazz
    Artisan Jazz
    From £550
    Artisan Jazz are an instrumental trio who've hand crafted the ultimate swing and gypsy jazz experience! Based in and around London, this skilful group of musicians...
  • Belleville Ensemble
    Belleville Ensemble
    From £715
    Add a Parisian flavour to the proceedings with this Gypsy Jazz inspired acoustic ensemble. With hints of Gypsy Jazz, New Musette, Classical & Tango music,...
  • Jazz Roots
    Jazz Roots
    From £395
    Jazz Roots are a stylish young jazz duo offering an extensive repertoire of jazz standards - perfect for weddings, corporate events and dinner parties. The band offers...
  • The Swing Rhythms Trio
    The Swing Rhythms Trio
    From £425
    This exceptional young jazz trio are certain to get the party in full swing with their selection of well known jazz and swing classics. Featuring a combo of saxophone,...
  • Simply Jazz
    Simply Jazz
    From £595
    Simply Jazz are a highly talented, instrumental 3-piece jazz band based in the South East. The band comprises of three professional jazz musicians performing on the...
  • Close Enough for Jazz
    Close Enough for Jazz
    From £500
    This London Jazz trio are one of the UK's newest and most exciting Jazz function bands. Mixing in traditional elements of Jazz standards with more contemporary and...
  • Chris - Solo Piano / Vocals
    Chris - Solo Piano / Vocals
    From £295
    Chris is an accomplished pianist, perfect for solo jazz piano during your wedding breakfast or a combination of piano and vocals during the drinks reception. Having...