DJ Live

DJ Live

Catapult your party to the next level with a high-energy combination of DJ sets and live music.

Our DJ Live acts bring the best of both worlds, delivering a performance featuring a DJ and professional musicians. Find your perfect act and ensure a non-stop evening of dancing for you and your guests.

Hire a DJ with Live Musicians

If a DJ alone doesn't quite hit the mark, why not add one or more live musicians to add some extra bang to your evening? Our professional DJs work alongside sax players, drummers, singers and more to create a hybrid act that will be sure to impress.

Café del Sax
From £840
High-energy live saxophonist and DJ combo performing club classics. Café del Sax are professionals at keeping the dancefloor full by providing only the very best club...
From £480
Live DJ & percussion infusion with unique, rhythmic remixes. Stix combines the best of both worlds with live remixing and instrumental performances, integrating...
Kingdom DJ Live
From £1595 + VAT
Blending electronic elements with live instrumentation, Kingdom DJ Live offer a stunning experience that’s not to be missed....
Club Alive!
From £2050
Looking to add some glamour to your next event? Club Alive! come fully equipped with energy, style and a show to keep you and your guests entertained all night long....
Neon Live
From £2110
Fusing together electronic beats and live instrumentation, Neon Live offer anthem after anthem to keep you on the dance-floor all night long. Let the band take you to...
Izzie Sax
From £425
Captivating, charismatic and highly versatile saxophonist. The perfect addition to any event. Izzie has performed in every musical setting and she is notably in high...
JC - Singer / DJ
From £610
High-energy contemporary DJ with live vocals and a plethora of contemporary chart hits. JC is an international female singer / DJ who...
Female London DJ / Percussionist
From £1000
London Dj and percussionist offering a set perfect for high-end corporate events, shows and festivals. Her on-stage presence and charisma...
Cosmic Beats
From £935
Exciting and innovative all-female three piece dance music outfit bring you a unique combination of DJing and live. This genre-defying trio has leapt from success to...
Sax Off
From £610
Chic DJ & Saxophonist duo covering an array of genres. Sax Off are a versatile Sax/DJ duo based in London, with the ability to tailor their sets to your specific...
James - Saxophonist
From £365
Ibiza classics, jazz & modern pop saxophonist. James is a professionally trained saxophonist with over 15 years of experience, having...
Karl - Saxophonist
From £260
Karl is a talented saxophonist who performs with his DJ setup to create an ambient atmosphere for events. A superlative performer with a...
DJ Mila
From £1165
Energetic DJ mixing deep house, chillout and popular hits for the ultimate party. An exceptionally talented DJ, Mila covers all styles of music ranging from current...
From £1395
Elite are a stunning vocal group featuring live sax - perfect for corporate events, award ceremonies and private parties. This lively and enthusiastic band features a...
Live DJ Band FAQs

Answers to the most common questions when looking to hire a hybrid Live DJ band.

What is a Live DJ band?

Unlike most traditional bands, which feature a real acoustic drummer in the line-up to provide the backbeat, Live DJ bands utilise an actual DJ instead. Fusing electronic beats and real live instrumentation allows for a more energetic and upbeat atmosphere than a regular event DJ.

One of the benefits of choosing a hybrid or Live DJ band over a traditional wedding band is the versatility on offer regarding the lineup. Flexibility is one of the strengths of this particular type of band; looking for 3 vocalists to offer those sweet harmonies and a lead guitarist for those epic solos? You can mix and match to your heart’s content without it having any detrimental effect on the overall sound.

What type of events are they suited for?

Corporate and festival events are a perfect match for hybrid DJ bands. However, they’re just at home at a wedding or private function.

Can they work with a sound limiter?

Absolutely! One of the main benefits of hiring a Live DJ band is that they can easily accommodate any sound restrictions that a particular venue may have.

As the band don’t use acoustic drums, which are a significant contributing factor, they can easily manage their sound levels and not upset the venue!

What type of music does a DJ Live act play?

You’ll find that most Live DJ bands tend to focus on more modern dance/chart-oriented music due to the DJ element in the line-up. With that said, there’s always flexibility in most artiste repertoires, and you’ll often find the most beloved party tunes from each classic decade included.

What line-ups do they typically offer?

Flexibility is a key selling point with our Live DJ wedding bands, as you can go for (within reason) as small or as big a lineup as you want. The DJ provides the foundation, and you can add instrumentation and vocals on top as required. Popular options include a DJ/Sax Duo or a line-up featuring Sax and Female and Male Vocals. With the core DJ aspect being the backbone of the operation (typically the drum and bass element), you can add other live instruments for variety, such as violin, sax, guitar or even electric harp. Often these instruments will be lit up with LEDs or lasers to provide an additional wow factor whilst on stage.

Shall I Hire a Band or a DJ?

Choosing between a DJ or live band can be a difficult choice, as both bring something unique to the table. Our live DJ acts remedy that problem by offering both aspects combined, a new concept that is becoming more and more popular. The added bonus is that when the 'band' aren't performing, the DJ can still provide background music, so there are no gaps or breaks in the entertainment.

Would the Band offer Music During their Breaks?

When the band aren’t performing live, they’ll be happy to provide music to keep the party vibes in full swing. You’ll often see two options for this which are a free option or an optional paid service.

In regards to paid service, this would either be the DJ, or a member of the band taking requests on the night Otherwise, the band can run an automated playlist free of charge.

How Long do the Band Typically Play?

2 x 60 minute sets are most common. However, most bands are happy to split this up into 3 x 40 minute sets if required.

For an additional fee, some bands are happy to offer slightly longer performance times, such as 3 x 60 or 3 x 45 minute options.

How Long Does it Take for the Band to Set Up?

On average, you’ll find most DJs and bands take between 60-90 minutes to set up, depending on how easy access is to the venue.

How Much Space will the band need?

It's best to have 1.5 square meters made available per person. One thing to remember is that space is needed in front and to the sides of the band to accommodate their PA, speakers and lighting stands. The more room the band have, the more comfortable they'll be and the better they'll perform. That said, bands will do their very best to fit within whatever space you have to work with.

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