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Indian / Bollywood Bands for Hire

Indian / Bollywood Bands for Hire

Indian music has influenced several of our beloved Western artists, from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones by way of the teachings of sitar guru Ravi Shankar, to pop sensations Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani dabbling with the distinctive rhythms and scales that characterise the genre, and the Indian/Bollywood bands we at Bands for Hire offer will show you exactly what caught their imaginations. Whether it’s the meditative drone of a Raga, or the inescapable exuberance of a Bhangra beat from its 1980s heyday, Indian music is often compared to a spiritual experience and invariably leads to feelings of contentment and unity. Our Indian and Bollywood bands offer a variety of line-ups to fulfil any venue and budgetary requirements you may have - anything from a duo that quietly enchants your guests to a party band that takes up an entire stage, complete with Bollywood dancers to captivate and inspire your guest to dance.

Indian Wedding Bands

In addition to the numerous Hindi songs our Indian/Bollywood bands perform, such as Diljaani, these artists also play classic Western pop and rock tunes, albeit it with a delicious Eastern flavour. If you’ve ever wondered what Billie Jean, Staying Alive or Feeling Hot Hot Hot would sound like played on the oud and dhal drums, then look no further! The Indian/Bollywood bands we supply are usually fronted by very talented female and male singers, between them covering an impressive vocal range to create a full and rich sound, and they are bound to entertain their audience with their infectious energy. Furnish your Indian wedding reception, Mehfil, Mela, international corporate event, private party, festival with the authentic sounds of ouds, sarongs, tablas, dhols, tumbis, sitars, pungis, Indian flutes and jodhpurs. Just as the pervasive aromas of chaat masala, sevpuri and jalebi fill your guests’ nostrils, so will the music fill their ears and hearts.

Bollywood Affair
From £1520
Bollywood Affair is an exciting and upbeat Bollywood style band performing exquisite contemporary Indian music. An ideal party band...
Thumri - Sitarist
From £245
An enchanting and professional Sitarist for hire with an awe-inspiring talent. Enjoy a spiritual experience expressed wonderfully by the...
Lera - Harpist
From £250
A wondrous musician who's simply magnificent. Lera is a splendour to watch, as she plucks and dances her way across this unusual and heavenly instrument to produce a...
Delicato Strings
From £585
A talented string quartet with a sound that exhibits quality and experience, this quartet will leave you with good vibrations long after...
From £425
An electric and acoustic violinist that really heats up the atmosphere to provide an effortlessly, stunning performance. A professional musician that has worlds of...
Portobello Strings
From £610
Portobello Strings are a highly accomplished string ensemble with a mastery that's difficult to match. A highly professional collective...
Soria - Harpist
From £325
Soria has been blessed with a natural affinity for the harp, performing beautiful renditions of popular classics for weddings and private...
Golden Strings
From £475
Golden Strings' symphonic and sweet sounding arrangements will captivate everyone in their vicinity. This group of highly trained musicians assembled together at The...
Bella - Harpist
From £310
An exceedingly talented harpist, sure to bring a touch of tranquillity and sophistication to your event. Bella offers a vast and eclectic...
Sarah - Harpist
From £365
Delicately weaving complex melodies on this ethereal instrument, Sarah shows a mastering of the harp like few others can. Sarah has a...
Linda - Solo Cellist
From £365
A masterful cellist who performs with grace, energy and style. Linda is a professionalism solo cellist, composer and arranger for a...