Vintage Wedding Bands and Great Gatsby Bands

Vintage Wedding Bands and Great Gatsby Bands

For period-themed parties and functions, it takes a little more than an authentically antique wardrobe to convince your guests that they've taken a step back in time – which is where Bands for Hire's vintage wedding bands come in! Whether you have a soft spot for 20s glamour or 60s psychedelia, we have vintage bands at the ready to whisk you away to a bygone age through the power of music.

Hire a Vintage Band

'Vintage' is a vastly popular theme to go for when planning all kinds of events, whether it's a wedding reception, corporate event, charity event, private dinner function, awards ceremony or even just a garden party. Settling on a specific time period gives everyone the chance to dress up in a similar fashion while putting their own spin on it, and an authentic soundtrack from one of our vintage cover bands will just tie the whole thing together. The vintage theme also comes ready-made with suggestions for food, drinks and activities, which just add to the fun!

Book a Vintage 50s Band

It's not just the songs that make watching our vintage bands such a realistic experience; it's the clothes, the presence, the instruments – everything is carefully thought out to add to the overall effect. Below you'll find 50s rock 'n' roll bands sporting quiffs and retro guitars who'll soon get everyone's knees knocking to Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley; Supremes- and Ronnettes-style girl groups in fabulous matching outfits with synchronised dance routines; dapper swing bands crooning their way through the best of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Bing Crosby's back catalogues; incredibly talented jazz musicians who look and sound as though they've just walked out of a 1920s speakeasy; and many more besides!

Being a flexible and accommodating agency, we at Bands for Hire make sure there are plenty of options available when it comes to booking your vintage band. Naturally, not every event is going to have the same budget, and not every venue is going to have the same facilities, so we provide a selection of different acts and deals to allow for these factors. For smaller venues and budgets, we have solo jazz guitarists, jazz pianists and acoustic duos; for larger scale events, we have full swing bands and jazz ensembles with additional musicians, vocalists and dancers. There's plenty in between too – and many of our vintage bands give you the option of different line ups, so please feel free to send an inquiry our way for further details on how we can tailor our vintage band packages to your requirements.

Our vintage cover bands will in general provide all their own equipment, and many of them offer the additional service of a DJ or custom playlist to keep your guests entertained during breaks. The quote given is calculated with the regular line up and set length in mind; any adjustments to this will result in a recalculated quote.

  • Indiana
    From £1465
    Indiana are a high-energy vintage wedding band performing a combination of contemporary party songs and folk renditions of popular modern classics. With their...
  • The Lovettes
    The Lovettes
    From £1230
    Meet The Lovettes, a glamorous vocal trio performing hits from the 50s and 60s with their very own all-girl backing group. Founded in 2013, The Lovettes have wowed...
  • The Retro Jets
    The Retro Jets
    From £1230
    The Retro Jets are a chic, retro function band performing favourites from the 50s and 60s alongside an array of contemporary hits in their own unique rock 'n' roll...
  • The Swing Band
    The Swing Band
    From £840
    Performing a selection of classic tracks from all the greats, 'The Swing Band' offer an authentic take on the 40's and 50's covering artists such as Frank Sinatra,...
  • LulaBelle
    From £655
    Meet LulaBelle, a stylish vintage duo bringing you a taste of the old and the new with their selection of modern classics with a twist. With a combination of beautiful...
  • The Pranksters
    The Pranksters
    From £1575
    The Pranksters are a jump and jive 1940s swing band with exuberant spirit! A swing band like no other, The Pranksters welcome you to their unique vintage swing band,...
  • Absolute Vintage
    Absolute Vintage
    From £1650
    Absolute Vintage know the 1920s like the back of their hands and have a stack of classic swing and contemporary songs to stir up any crowd! If you're planning on...
  • Clever Dixie
    Clever Dixie
    From £1250
    Clever Dixie are a sensational 6-piece Swing Jive band for hire performing a range of popular pop and rock songs with a twist. Their unique cross-genre repertoire has...
  • Vintage Vibes
    Vintage Vibes
    From £490
    Vintage Vibes are an exciting vintage duo who perfectly capture the 1920s era with their effortless renditions of popular jazz, blues and swing classics. The band...
  • The Gypsy Carnivals
    The Gypsy Carnivals
    From £880
    The Gypsy Carnivals bring the sound of 1930's Paris back to life with their charming selection of gypsy jazz and modern covers. Their combination of violin, guitar and...
  • Prohibition Sound
    Prohibition Sound
    From £820
    Prohibition Sound bring contemporary and classic hits reinvented into charming jazz & swing arrangements! Capturing the 1920s and 30s prohibition era is all the...
  • Jamie Berry - Electro Swing DJ
    Jamie Berry - Electro Swing DJ
    From £795
    Fresh-faced producer Jamie Berry is recognised for his musical couplet of shuffling modern beats and vintage swing sounds. His idiosyncratic sound piques your interest...
  • The Hot Club
    The Hot Club
    From £820
    The Hot Club are a swinging, gypsy jazz style acoustic band who deliver infectious rhythms and melodies from this hypnotic genre! A truly captivating act to witness,...
  • The Rockin' Rhythms
    The Rockin' Rhythms
    From £1055
    The Rockin' Rhythms are a 3-piece retro outfit playing classic hits from the beloved 50s and 60s. Guaranteed to get you movin' and a shakin', this authentic rock 'n'...
  • A Touch Of Paris
    A Touch Of Paris
    From £280
    A Touch Of Paris specialise in classic American Swing, French Chanson and Cabaret. With a French born singer whose impressive vocals cover a four octave range, the...
  • That Old Swing Thing
    That Old Swing Thing
    From £695
    That Old Swing Thing bring you the very best swing tunes from the 20's, the perfect soundtrack for your vintage wedding, party or corporate event. With the biggest and...
  • Syndicate Du Swing
    Syndicate Du Swing
    From £1170
    Syndicate Du Swing are an awe-inspiring, speakeasy swing band fronted by three highly talented vocalists. A unique band with an authentic vintage look to accompany...
  • Swing Groove
    Swing Groove
    From £1500
    Swing Groove is a Swing Band and a Soul Band, covering all the party classics from Sinatra, Buble and Elvis through to Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder and more! With an...