Covid-19 Risk Assessment Generator for Musicians & Performers - Free PDF Tool

As live music and performance opens up across the world, many countries, including the UK, will continue to publish strict health & safety measures to ensure the safety of the musicians, performers and audience.

If you've been contracted to work at an event, you may be asked by the venue or body that's contracted you to provide a Covid-19 specific risk assessment. This risk assessment will need to show that you've carefully considered all possible risks relating to Coronavirus and that you're taking all necessary steps to minimise or eradicate that risk.

To save you time we've put together this handy Covid-19 Risk Assessment generator to start you off in the right direction. We've spent time studying the performance documentation from the UK Government as well as risk assessments and information put together by the Musician's Union and ISM in order to cover the most basic requirements. However, please note that you'll need to take your own steps to ensure every base is covered and that this risk assessment template will need to be edited to suit your specific venue.

To use the generator follow the steps below:

  • Fill in your name and company/artist name at the top
  • Edit the text in the boxes as required
  • Use the blue switches to include or exclude specific rows on your document
  • Click the blue download button at the bottom to create your pdf

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Create Risk Assessment

What are the hazards?Who might be harmed and how?What are you already doing to control the risks?What further action do you need to take to control the risks?Who needs to carry out the action?When is the action needed by?Done