12 Daytime Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Keep Boredom at Bay

12 Daytime Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Keep Boredom at Bay

It's the moments between the moments that can turn an average experience into a great one, which is why transitions are one of the most important, overlooked parts of wedding planning.

We've put together a whole array of daytime wedding entertainment ideas to help you craft seamless transitions throughout your wedding day - from guest arrival to the wedding breakfast.

Whether you're planning a traditional affair or something unique, these entertaining options are a surefire way to keep your party flowing. Read on to explore our twelve wedding planning tips for wedding entertainment.

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Guest Arrival

Even if you put "Arrive Promptly" in big, bold letters on your invitation, expect your guests to stagger in. Your friend who is perpetually early isn't going to change her tune for your wedding day. Your "fashionably late" family members will always find any excuse to make a scene!

Rather than stressing about how long your guests are standing around waiting, provide some light musical entertainment to keep them occupied. Professional performers will create a gentle underscore as guests check in and orient themselves. Early arrivals will get an intimate concert, while later guests will quickly acclimate to the atmosphere.

Wedding Violinist

1. Violinist

There is nothing like the bright, romantic sound of a solo violin handled by a classically-trained professional. Imagine your guests entering the foyer to the sound of a virtuoso passionately wielding their bow. The performance will set a classy tone for the gorgeous ceremony to come.

A solo violinist is the perfect choice for transitional performances in small spaces, performing from either a classical repertoire or lending your wedding a more contemporary sound. Early arrivals will enjoy their spirited, embodied performances, and late arrivals will wish they'd come sooner!

2. Wedding Pianist

The piano is one of the world's most versatile instruments, capable of playing music in nearly any genre. If there's a piano in your venue, you can offer guests a professional performance that fills a room without taking up extra space. A trained professional pianist will come prepared to set the tone for your entire wedding, whether you're evoking a high-energy atmosphere or a fairytale.

Our pianists have experience offering arrangements in classical and contemporary styles, from indie and pop to Mozart and Bach. They're also friendly performers, happy to jump on the mic and welcome guests as they arrive. Your pianist will help create a warm, welcoming atmosphere and eliminate the awkwardness of arrivals.

3. Acoustic Duo

What's better than one musician welcoming you into the venue? Two!

The acoustic guitar can set nearly any mood, serving as background music, or inspiring energetic arrivals. Usually consisting of vocals and acoustic guitar, you can choose from classic rock, indie hits, or chilled-out covers of your favourite pop songs. Guests will feel as if they've wandered into a magical lounge performance—trust us when we say that two performers are more than capable of bringing an entire room to life!

Ceremony Entertainment

Whether planning a traditional ceremony or something unique, you won't make it down the aisle without some music to cue you in! Music provides a natural rhythm and flow to the ceremony and sets everything in motion. After all, everyone knows where to turn and look when they hear "Here Comes the Bride!"

You can make your ceremony memorable by choosing live musicians over canned or recorded musical tracks. Professional musicians add liveliness and excitement that recorded music cannot replicate. Your live musicians can respond to the event in real-time, so you won't need to worry if your Gran takes a while to make it down the aisle or if the vows go a little long!

wedding harpist

4. Wedding Harpist

Did you know that the harp is one of the oldest instruments in the world, with some instruments dating back as far as 15,000 BC? That must be why their gentle, complex sound is timeless. Imagine walking down the aisle to the sound of a dedicated, professional harpist plucking away at a gorgeous instrument.

Live harp music is the key to achieving a timeless ceremony. You can walk down the aisle to the song of your dreams, played as you've never heard it before.

5. Professional Choir

The moment the officiant announces, "you may now kiss the bride," you'll hear the sound of angels singing in your brain. What if you could also hear the sound of angels singing in reality? When you invite a live professional choir to sing at your wedding, your ceremony will fill up with warm and lively harmonies, which no pre-recorded track could ever replicate.

You can even include the choir during often ignored portions of the ceremony, such as the moment you sign the wedding register. You'll feel the resonance of their voices in your body during every moment of your ceremony. A live choir is a musical performance you and your guests will never forget.

6. String Quartet

Do you love the idea of musical resonance but don't have the space for a choir? A string quartet can be equally powerful, performing a vibrant sound full of rich, layered harmonies that vibrate in your bones.

Picture your guests exiting the ceremony space to the sound of deft string musicians playing you and your new spouse's favourite song.

A string quartet can play classical scores or new arrangements of the most contemporary music. The talented professionals create a rich sound that will swell to suit any space, including outdoor venues. Your guests will talk about the timeless live performance for years to come.

Drinks Reception Entertainment

Once the ceremony is over, even your weeping, engaged guests will be ready to stand up and stretch their legs. Where will the crowd go after the musicians play them out? They'll need somewhere to kick back with their drinks and discuss the stunning ceremony they've just experienced!

During the drinks reception, thoughtful entertainment goes a long way. Make sure to have something for drinkers and teetotalers to enjoy so no one feels excluded. Take advantage of the daylight when booking wedding entertainment and choose something guests can enjoy in the sunshine.

7. Gypsy Jazz Band

Gypsy jazz is a distinct sound that evokes Paris in the 1930s. You might have heard it described as hot club-style jazz. It is a unique, upbeat genre that will be sure to get your guests' toes-a-tapping - even before they have a drink in hand!

The transition from tranquil ceremony music to lively gypsy jazz will make it clear to your guests that it's time to start the party! This subconscious cue will raise spirits and create a celebratory atmosphere. Guests are free to mingle, drink, or stand back and enjoy the performance.

8. Unique Tipples

A drinks reception really gets underway when the drinks start flowing. Why not start the process by offering signature cocktails to encourage the masses to imbibe? Professional event bartenders will often work with couples-to-be to develop unique signature cocktails for their events.

Gimmicks like twisty straws, glowsticks, or tiny umbrellas can sometimes be enough to get drinks in guests' hands. Plus, unique drinks offer an immediate topic of conversation between guests from different sides of the wedding party.

wedding croquet

9. Garden Games

When guests arrive at the drinks reception, they may have been sitting still for a long time. The best way to get the crowd up and moving is to offer a few garden games. These simple activities promote mingling and conversation and are often simple enough for tipsy guests to enjoy.

In recent years, all-ages garden games have become much more popular. Consider activities such as corn hole, ladder ball, or jumbo board games for every generation to get involved in.

Wedding Breakfast Entertainment

What kind of entertainment will you offer while your loved ones await the feast?

Some venues offer room to walk around, while others require guests to remain seated while they await the meal. Either way, incorporating entertainment into your wedding breakfast ensures the flow never stops. When you include something new and novel, they won't have a moment to realize they're waiting!


10. Caricaturist

Although transitioning from the drinks reception to the wedding breakfast may change the tempo, that doesn't mean the fun needs to end! A caricaturist can offer laugh-out-loud entertainment, give guests an extra wedding favour, and keep the masses busy while they wait. Live artists are just as fun to watch as they are to sit for, and the finished pieces are excellent fodder for table chat.

A caricature artist is an ideal accompaniment to a live musical performance. Consider pairing your artist with one of the musical suggestions below.

11. Classical Guitarist

Just as a pianist can set the tone during arrival, a talented guitarist can help guests settle down as they prepare for the big wedding meal. The guitar's versatility can help you curate the perfect dinner entertainment experience. Your musician can offer a relaxing lounge performance or entertain your guests with unique takes on contemporary hits.

Brides and grooms appreciate how even a simple musical performance can fill up a room and make it easier for guests to engage in table conversation. Guests are welcome to mingle or sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful music.

12. Jazz Singer

After transitioning from garden games and boisterous chatter, an intimate concert is relaxing without feeling jarring. Our jazz singers have ample wedding experience and can read the energy in a room and deliver a performance to match. They'll help your guests settle into the dining space without skipping a beat.

A jazz singer offers a larger-than-life performance in any sized space, projecting their voice to the entire room without being overbearing. You'll be welcome to add your favourite romantic Hollywood hits to the set list, from jazz standards to postmodern takes on your favourite contemporary pop hits.

Say "I Do" to These Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Planning a wedding is a balancing act in which you must manage aesthetics, tradition, whimsy, practicality, and fun. The best way to incorporate all the above elements is by hiring entertainers to keep the day flowing. All these wedding entertainment ideas will keep spirits high and ensure that your big day is everything you've dreamed it would be.

Your perfect wedding can only happen if you plan ahead! Our professional musical acts book up early, so it's imperative to contact us about dates and rates as soon as possible. We'll match you with brilliant, experienced performers who will transform your daytime wedding into a dream come true.