Hire a Live Band for a Marquee Wedding

Hire a Live Band for a Marquee Wedding

If you're organising a marquee wedding you may be wondering if there's anything you need to know before hiring a live band.

In actual fact, marquee's are quite often ideal for a live band as the soft material of the marquee means that the acoustics of the space are flat and there won't be any nasty reverb or echo that can sometimes be heard in large halls or rooms with high ceilings.

Power Supply and Generators

There are just a couple of things to take into consideration before you hire a live band for a marquee wedding reception. First of all, there will need to be sufficient power supply for the band's PA system and lighting. If your marquee is near a building or next to the venue, you may be able to feed power directly from the building, preferably from a couple of separate sources to avoid blowing a fuse or overloading the circuit. Also make sure that the power supply is all on the same phase.

Another option is to feed power from a generator, something that you're marquee company will no doubt have already arranged for you. Most bands use around 4-5kw of power so the generator will need to be able to keep up, especially if there will be caterers using ovens at the same time.

Staging or Flat Surface

The second thing to think about is flooring and a stage. Most marquees are set up on a fairly flat surface so a stage isn't always required. However, you will need to make sure that you have secure flooring for the bands PA system and instruments.

Aside from those two things, a marquee is the perfect setting for a live band, so you can start searching for your live wedding band now!