Virtual Entertainment Ideas to Keep Your Guests Entertained

Virtual Entertainment Ideas to Keep Your Guests Entertained

A new craze has emerged from the doom and gloom of 2020, and it's becoming quite the hit with musicians and clients alike.

With the increasing social restrictions that have emerged due to Coronavirus, businesses and families have embraced online events in order to stay connected.

Whether you're organising an intimate family gathering or a large-scale corporate awards ceremony, we offer a range of online entertainment solutions to make your event a huge success.

Live Music For Virtual Corporate Events

Over the past nine months, we've seen hundreds of businesses take a unique and creative approach to their corporate entertainment, which has led to a succession of incredible online events featuring some of our very own virtual musicians.

Whether you're looking for virtual event ideas for your company conference, private party, webinar, virtual team building or hybrid event, we have plenty of ideas to get you started.

Virtual Online Quizzes

One of our leading London acoustic acts JJ now offers a virtual music quiz full of exciting surprises, sound effects, and motion graphics to engage the audience. J.J. will personally host the quiz via video conference and interact with quests via the chatroom.

A Virtual Quiz is perfect for virtual events, virtual drinks, online corporate conferences, virtual parties, and family fun. J.J. can tailor the quiz to suit all ages ranges, musical tastes, and nationalities. For more information on pricing, please get in touch.

Example Quiz Rounds:

  • Kazooie-Movies: Guess the movie, song title, and artist name while J.J. performs on guitar and plays the melody on his kazoo.
  • Dr Pitch: Figure out the song title and artist name of songs being played backwards or pitched up/down.
  • Lyric Splice: J.J. will perform live songs and sing different lyrics whilst playing a different song on guitar, this disorientating round will test you and your friend's music knowledge to the limit!
  • The Finale: At the end of each quiz, J.J. will perform a medley of songs mashed up together. All players must then figure out the link or theme that ties them all together.

Live Virtual Performances & Streaming Concerts

Are you looking to live stream a concert for your virtual party? The Fix have recorded two live sets available for you to purchase to host a virtual live concert. These two electrifying performances will surely have everyone dancing around their coffee tables and waltzing with their laptop screens - wherever you are; we guarantee you will be off your sofa within seconds!

You can choose from two live performances, the band's 80s classics live set or their contemporary/classic mix of well-known hits. Both live performances offer a stunning performance from the band and include a full lighting show.

Whether you're planning a virtual party or looking to broadcast a virtual event, the band can help with hosting the event, offer a personal pre-recording or offer one of their downloadable live sets to showcase during your virtual party.

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Recent Virtual Events

During the recent lockdown, our talented classical singer Olivia provided a 30-minute live performance via Zoom to celebrate a couple's wedding anniversary in Chester. Arranged for by her husband as a surprise, Olivia provided an intimate performance to help mark an unforgettable day.

Virtual Awards Ceremony

Two of our popular acoustic acts, Passengers & Halcyon Acoustic, recently recorded an exclusive 15-minute video for a virtual gala for US-based organisation 'Women In Technology'.

Sponsored by Coca-Cola, the event featured tailor-made band performances as guests arrived and during intervals.

Virtual Convention Entertainment

Top Midlands-based pop and soul band Electric Soul Club recently performed a live set at the Marriott Grosvenor in London for a virtual convention, exclusively for Young Living. The band performed an impressive cover of 'Feel So Close' by Calvin Harris alongside a number of other contemporary classics for the gala recognition.

In December 2020, London based party band The Royals helped Body Shop put on their 'Big Christmas Show' for over 850 employees. The band recorded a handful of songs live at the Body Shop's London bridge office alongside several other entertainment segments.

What Apps Can I Use For My Virtual Event?

Skype and zoom

What are the most popular virtual apps for online virtual events? Zoom and Skype are currently the most popular free virtual event platforms that allow you to video chat, voice call, and hold conferences.

Over the past year, we've found Zoom to be the most popular solution for our virtual events. It enables clients and companies to connect with friends, family, and colleagues to celebrate, be in each other's company and enjoy live music from the comfort of their homes.

TIPIf you’re hosting an event, make sure to place yourself in a room with plenty of natural light.

Microsoft Teams Live allows the user to organise and hold live events streamed to large audiences across the world. The platform helps empower multiple roles for the event, including organiser, producer, presenter, and attendee, to broadcast and participate in the event.

Virtual entertainer

In summary, our musicians offer a range of unique party entertainment ideas to help you to create and host an exciting, fun and engaging virtual event.

Whether you're planning a virtual party, personalised live performance, virtual quiz or corporate event, our team are here to help you find the perfect live act for your event.