Do I Need a Dance Floor at My Wedding?

Do I Need a Dance Floor at My Wedding?

Weddings are a time for joy and festivities, and what better way to celebrate in style than hitting the dance floor with your closest friends and family?

But with so many guests in attendance, it's vital to ensure the dance floor is safe and suitable for all. Hiring a dance floor for your wedding not only ensures the safety of your guests, but can also add an aesthetic touch to your event. From classic wooden floors to modern LED dance floors, there are many options available to match your wedding theme and create an inviting space to draw your guests in.

In this article, we explore everything you need to know about hiring a dance floor for your wedding, including the different types, sizes, costs and the pros & cons.

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Does Your Venue Need a Dance Floor?

Before you look into hiring dance floors, it pays to enquire with your venue. Some venues have sprung wooden floors throughout the event space, making every surface safe for dancers and tipsy partiers alike. Others host so many weddings and events that they have built-in dance floors.

Many venues even offer dance floor rentals on-site. Sometimes, venues include dance floor installation when you hire the event space, which may save you money and stress.

Hiring a dancefloor is a particularly wise idea if you plan to offer dancing at your outdoor or marquee wedding. Natural spaces are lovely, but nature is not always consistent. A dance floor will keep everyone tidy in their wedding finery and ensure nobody turns an ankle on uneven ground.

Some historic venues might require the use of a dance floor to preserve their surfaces, which is typically specified in the contract when you hire the hall.

As a rule, speak to your venue before going to outside suppliers or vendors.

black and white checkered dance floor.

Types of Wedding Dance Floors

There are a wide range of dance floors options available on the market, each with a unique look. Not only can a stylish dance floor set the mood and enhance the ambience, it will also add to the overall appearance of the space.

The most common types of wedding dance floors include:

  • Wooden / Parquet dance floors
  • Black and white tiled dance floors
  • Disco-style dance floors
  • LED dance floors

Wooden dance floors might be plain, but they're the perfect neutral touch for a wedding with a historic, rustic, or vintage theme. Imagine your guests taking to the old-fashioned style floor and dancing to a postmodern jazz band at your Gatsby-themed wedding.

A traditional chequer floor might be a stunning match for a classic or traditional wedding. It can help transform a plainer event space into an elegant, elevated setting.

You might hire a disco-style or LED dance floor for a more upbeat and contemporary affair. These "starlit" floors light up and even change colours throughout the evening. Picture an energetic cover band playing the hits from the year you met your new spouse as your guests bask in the wild and wonderful lighting.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Wedding Dance Floor

As we've established, one of the most significant benefits of hiring a dance floor is safety. Dance floors are balanced, with enough bounce and traction for all types of shoes and styles. Beyond safety, there are several reasons why a dance floor can elevate any wedding or event.

Pro: A Dance Floor Is an Invitation

When you see a dance floor, you immediately know what to do! It will stand out boldly from the moment the first guests enter the room. When conversation hits a lull and the band begins to play, you won't need to tell your guests to get up and boogie—the dance floor itself is the invitation!

It also creates a sense of community. When you attend a wedding, you're already on the side of one family or the other. A dance floor invites both sides to unite rather than split into smaller groups around the space.

Ultimately, a dance floor makes any venue more inviting and can subtly cue guests, helping your room flow.

Pro: A Dance Floor Is an Aesthetic Addition

Sometimes an extensive guest list calls for a large venue. Big party spaces can be tricky to navigate. A dance floor can help you designate a space where it's safe to congregate and linger, distinct from dining and conversation areas.

Furthermore, a dance floor can help dress up a simple space, becoming a visual centrepiece and anchoring the room. Choose a floor that complements your party theme so it can double as decor. If you wait until the evening to light up an LED floor, you can also add a dose of unexpected excitement that keeps the event from growing stale!

Pro: A Dance Floor Puts Your Wedding Band Front and Center

From the moment your wedding band enters the room, they'll attract attention and add a sense of anticipation and excitement. These professionals know how to amp up the energy! Often, they come dressed to impress, ready to engage with guests and get the party going.

Your wedding band feeds off the energy of your guests. A dance floor allows the band to direct their attention and focus. It's easier for a band to read the room when the dancers are together in one area.

Plus, a dance floor makes a performance feel more like a show and less like ambient background noise. Some couples hire a stage or a platform to elevate the performers above the dance floor, creating a focal point in the room.

Pro: A Dance Floor Keeps All Eyes On You

When you install a designated dance floor, your guests will know just where to turn their attention when it's time for the couple's entrance or first dance. As the wedding couple, you deserve all eyes focused on you! Hiring a dance floor is an excellent way to create a visual focal point where all the evening's special events can take place, from pre-dinner entertainment to memorable speeches and announcements.

Cons of Hiring a Dance Floor

There are a few valid reasons to pass on hiring a dance floor for your wedding. They may include:

  • High costs
  • Lack of space in the venue
  • The venue does not allow it
  • You don't plan to offer dancing
  • Logistical issues in the space
  • Poor aesthetic fit

Not every wedding needs a dance floor, though most guests will expect to see one. You must decide if it's important to you and the wedding you picture in your mind. If you can't imagine tying the knot without a dance party, make hiring a dance floor a priority.

A representative from your venue can often help you decide if a dance floor would be a good addition to the space. They can address any space-specific challenges it might cause and help you find solutions.

Wedding Dance Floor Sizing Guide

Dance floors for hire typically come in sections. That means you can choose the size (and sometimes the shape) of your dance floor. The size you choose will depend on the size of your venue and the number of guests dancing at once.

As a general rule, about 30% of your guests will be on the dance floor at any one time. We recommend choosing a dance floor that comfortably accommodates at least 50% of your guest list. You don't want anyone to miss out on a good time due to crowding.

This is why requiring RSVPs from your guests is essential for party planning. Once you've finalised your guest list and final headcount, it's much easier to determine what size dance floor you need to accommodate your dancing attendees.

Use the table below to determine your minimum size to keep your guests comfortable as they move and groove the night away.

The dance floor capacity is based on a dance floor size of 5 sq.ft. per person and assumes that approximately half of the guests will be dancing at any given time.

Total Number of GuestsDance Floor Capacity (approx.)Minimum Dance Floor Size (m)Minimum Dance Floor Size (ft)
5025-305 x 515 x 15
7537-457 x 521 x 15
10050-607 x 721 x 21
12562-7510 x 730 x 21
15075-9010 x 1030 x 30
17587-10510 x 1130 x 34
200100-12011 x 1134 x 34
225112-13511 x 1334 x 40
250125-15013 x 1340 x 40
275137-16513 x 1440 x 44
300150-18014 x 1444 x 44

Wedding Dance Floor Costs

The costs associated with hiring dance floors depend on several specific factors. Take the following into consideration:

  • The size of the dance floor
  • The type of dance floor
  • Whether you need it installed
  • If the supplier needs to travel to the venue
  • The time of year (prices go up during peak wedding season)
  • Quality of the dance floor
  • Experience and reputation of the supplier

A large, starlit dance floor installed by a reputable supplier during peak wedding season will cost you more than a small, wooden floor that you install yourself. Remember, you can often hire a dance floor directly from your wedding venue. That's a great way to save money on installation and other fees.

On average, a small, simple dance floor might cost you approximately £250 from a local supplier. A larger, more ornate dance floor might cost as much as £575. Most weddings require a medium dance floor, which will put the cost somewhere in between, often with VAT on top.

A Wedding Band Worthy of a Dance Floor

If you have a dance floor, you'll need music to dance to! Elevate your celebration by hiring a live wedding band or DJ to provide the soundtrack to your reception. For seamless transitions, consider booking a live band that doubles as a DJ, ensuring non-stop beats and upbeat vibes as guests hit the dance floor.

The possibilities for live wedding entertainment are endless. From a nostalgic cover band playing your favourite 90s jams to a dynamic jazz ensemble adding a touch of swing, choose a band or DJ that fits your unique style and vision. With live music to dance to, your guests will be moving and grooving all night long!

The Perfect Dance Floor for Your Wedding

Whether you're concerned about safety or aesthetics, hiring a dance floor for your wedding is a wise choice that pays dividends. It can transform an outdoor venue into a stunning, polished space and help make indoor venues safer and more intuitive to navigate. Plus, a dance floor ensures you get the most out of your wedding band!

Don't hire your dance floor until you've hired a band that can keep your guests dancing all night long! Get in touch for help finding a professional wedding band that best matches your theme or party aesthetic. Don't wait, as our acts book quickly during peak wedding season, and we don't want to leave you swaying on a silent dance floor!