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Bandeoke Allstars

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With a little help from your Bandeoke Allstars friends, it's your time to shine in the spotlight!


Ever fancied yourself as a singer, but found that singing along to a backing track doesn't quite cut it? We have just the solution for you!

Bandeoke is everything it sounds like and more - live karaoke, with you behind the microphone, backed by some of the UK's most talented professionals. This immersive experience is the perfect way to get everyone involved, giving them each a taste of what it's like to be up there rocking with the best. Just pick a song from the Bandeoke Allstar's repertoire, and it'll soon be your turn to take the stage and sing your heart out!

The Bandeoke Allstars feature some of Bands For Hire's most accomplished musicians, taking a revolving door approach which keeps every Bandeoke Allstars performance fresh and unique.

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