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Mono Mono DJs work with a collective group of professional, modern and committed DJs across the UK to bring music and entertainment to your special event. Mono Mono DJs will make sure they find out your musical tastes, preferred genres, acts you want to hear from and those that you don't to make sure your evening is specifically tailored to your event. Also, their DJs come fully equipped with a huge database of 300,000 tracks to choose from, so guests can enjoy making requests on the night.

Their starter package includes a modern star DJ cloth, DJ stand in black or white and various lighting effects to help create the right atmosphere for your event. Their PA system is suitable for 100+ guests and use of a wireless microphone is available for speeches and special announcements. Mono Mono DJs also offer higher graded packages for larger scale events and occasions that include larger PA systems, extra lighting and flat screen TVs for visuals.

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