Northamptonshire Acoustic Bands

Northamptonshire Acoustic Bands

The Bands for Hire team is delighted to be working with so many talented local acoustic bands in Northamptonshire. If you're planning an event that you'd like to liven up with some great music without going overboard, then a Northampton acoustic band is the choice for you. Each musician we employ has a solid track record of live performance, and for a highly competitive fee, you can treat your guests to a highly professional, varied and above all enjoyable show. If you like the sound of close harmonies, impressive musicianship and an innovative 'less is more' approach to many of your favourite songs, then look no further!

If it's a garden party, graduation, drinks reception, awards ceremony, private dinner function, charity or corporate event or something similar that's in the works, it's entirely possible that you won't need an electric band with five members, a ten piece drum kit and a collection of amplifiers. This may indeed be an instance of less being more – our Northamptonshire acoustic bands' stripped down arrangements blend seamlessly into the background of your guests' conversations, and should they desire to focus more on the live music, it's much more of a choice than a noisy imposition they can't escape.

Hire a Northamptonshire Acoustic Duo, Trio or Solo Acoustic Singer / Guitarist

We at Bands for Hire can provide a Northamptonshire acoustic band to Corby, Cottingham, Daventry, Earlstrees Industrial Estate, East Carlton, Great Oakley, Gretton, Irchester, Kettering, Middleton, Northampton, Rockingham, Rushden, Stanion, Wellingborough and everywhere in between.

As you can no doubt imagine, our Northamptonshire acoustic bands are adept at performing numbers by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Ed Sheeran and other singer songwriters, but they are also well versed in jazz, blues, flamenco, Spanish solo and contemporary instrumental and vocal guitar music. They also play an array of modern rock and pop, ranging from Kings of Leon, Queen and Oasis to Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Take That, an occasionally venture into classical music, with intricate guitar arrangements of several Beethoven, Bach and Tchaikovsky compositions.

Depending on the size of your venue, as well as that of your budget, our acoustic bands in Northamptonshire can be reduced to a solo acoustic guitarist, acoustic duo or acoustic trio. The line up can also be increased if need be to include a double bass and percussion, usually in the form of a cajon. Like ourselves, the fantastic musicians we work with strive to  be flexible and accommodating in any situation, so you can rest assured that we will help you find the perfect acoustic band in Northamptonshire for your event.

If you're seeking more relaxing and chilled out music to be played at your event then you may also be interested in our Northamptonshire string quartets or harpists in Northamptonshire.

Ell & Ali
From £490
Live Lounge style acoustics to give your event a cool and contemporary vibe, perfect for laid back afternoons or lively evening sessions alike. Ell & Ali are an...
Abigail - Singer / Guitarist
From £365
Abigail's captivating talent blends beautifully with her thoughtful and well-executed guitar playing. Abigail is the perfect...
The Squires Duo
From £775
Expertly polished harmonies and killer song choices make The Squires Duo perfect to kick start any evening event! The Squires Duo consist...
From £1095
This fun and folky trio will be sure to bring the festival vibes to your big event. Based in the Midlands, Riptides present their unique blend of indie, folk and pop...
Rain - Singer / Guitarist
From £340
A soulful vocalist and expert guitarist covering a range of genres. Rain is a seasoned musician who has made a name for himself as a...
Alicia Acoustic
From £365
Meet Alicia, an exceptional young musical talent based in the Midlands. Having worked as a professional musician in the US, Alicia has...
Scarlett Acoustic
From £610
Whether your looking for a Live Lounge feel or an upbeat party set, Scarlett Acoustic will ensure your event is everything you wanted and...
Interstate Acoustic
From £610
Offering a fresh take on the duo formula, Interstate combine energetic live drumming with upbeat guitar and vocals. With a repertoire of...
The Overloads Acoustic Duo
From £365
Add a splash of live-lounge style to the proceedings with The Overloads Acoustic Duo. Known for their hi-octane indie-rock sets, The...
From £490
Dynamic duo Detour expertly collide pop and rock covers for a sound to rival any function band. Creating a voracious sound suited to cool up-tempo party vibes as well...
The Flights
From £715
Rhythmic acoustic band with intricate vocal harmonies. The Flights are a dynamic trio of talented musicians who've come together to present a blend of classic and...
From £425
An stunning acoustic duo offering a beautiful blend of vocal harmonies and melodic guitars. Songbirds have a warmth to their sound which guests are guaranteed to love....
Key Acoustic
From £610
Key Acoustic blend powerful and well-crafted harmonies for a unique and engaging live performance. A captivating act, the two musicians have been performing together...
Samuel - Classical Guitarist
From £250
Samuel is a phenomenal classical guitarist with precision playing and a natural flair for his craft. Samuel studied at the Royal College...
Nat - Singer / Guitarist
From £480
Solo singer and guitarist Nat offers an eclectic repertoire, performed with exceptional vocal ability and prowess for a sensational live...
Sweetheart Duo
From £550
A unique acoustic duo that dazzle audiences with their harmonies and vibrant performance style. Sweetheart Duo are a professional acoustic lineup featuring female and...
Matthew - Singer / Guitarist
From £365
Matthew is a highly talented acoustic guitar player with a soulful and bluesy voice that brings depth and emotion to his performances. A...
Monique - Singer
From £285
Trail-blazing singer Monique is a vocalist with an all-encompassing passion for live performing. Described by as a cross...