Sheffield Harpists

Sheffield Harpists

Here you'll find a comprehensive list of Bands for Hire's very best harpists in Sheffield, ready to perform their unique brand of gentle, moving music to enthral all guests at your upcoming event. We've searched high and low to find the finest classically trained professionals, who have in the past been members of the London Sound Ensemble and the Guildhall Symphony Orchestra, enjoyed residencies at the Ritz and Hilton Hotels, and performed at Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral and the Royal Albert Hall – and they are available to hire now at a highly competitive rate.

Hire a Sheffield Wedding Harpist

The harp has many practical advantages over, say, a jazz quartet or a full swing band, such as requiring less space, less set up time, and being far less noisy and attention-grabbing. If you want your guests to be sweetly serenaded as they happily chat at your awards ceremony, graduation, drinks reception, private dinner function, birthday, garden party, corporate event or charity event, then one of our Sheffield harpists is the clear choice. Moreover, if there's a wedding on the way, the romantic overtones of a harp gently plucking out the melody to Wagner's Bridal Chorus or Beethoven's Ode to Joy as the bride walks down the aisle all the more unforgettable.

Book a Local Harpist in Sheffield

Speaking of unforgettable melodies, our harpists in Sheffield are true artists when it comes to lending the hypnotically beautiful tone of their instrument to less than likely covers. No longer content with Mozart, Schubert and Bach, our Sheffield harpists have moved on to theme music from the Lord of the Rings, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Jesus Christ Superstar, Mission: Impossible, the Little Mermaid and several other TV shows, films and musicals, as well as the modern rock and pop hits of Snow Patrol, Ed Sheeran, the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones, Enya and Florence and the Machine. Blues, operatic arias, jazz standards from the Great American Songbook, Christmas carols, Bollywood and Jewish Wedding music are all also in our Sheffield harpists' extensive repertoires.

Bands for Hire can supply upcoming events in Barnsley, Hunter's Bar, Rotherham and other parts of South Yorkshire with a first rate Sheffield harpist – just let us know in your inquiry where your event is to be held, and we can figure out the logistics. You may also like to take a look at our Sheffield string quartets and Sheffield acoustic bands – feel free to get in touch with us; we're always happy to handle your queries.

  • Frances - Harpist
    Frances - Harpist
    From £245
    An extraordinary harpist with a delicate touch, Frances is sure to make a long-lasting impression on your guests. Frances graduated from the Royal Northern College of...
  • Clare - Harpist
    Clare - Harpist
    From £245
    Clare delicately weaves her magic on this heavenly instrument with her beautiful depictions of modern and classical songs. Based in the North West covering North Wales...
  • Heather - Harpist
    Heather - Harpist
    From £305
    Heather is an exceptionally talented Welsh harpist offering a soundtrack of ambient instrumental pieces, perfect for your wedding ceremony or reception. Heather has...
  • Elle - Harpist
    Elle - Harpist
    From £310
    Elle is a talented harpist based in the North West offering a vibrant repertoire of songs played with a graceful and expressive touch. Based in the north of the UK,...
  • Ria - Harpist
    Ria - Harpist
    From £260
    Ria is a young and highly talented harpist with a colourful repertoire that truly flaunts the harp. A professional harpist based in the north-west of the UK, Ria is a...
  • Frederica - Harpist
    Frederica - Harpist
    From £340
    Frederica is a talented solo Harpist with a wealth of experience, from live concerts and session work to private events. Frederica provides the perfect soundtrack to...
  • Bella - Harpist
    Bella - Harpist
    From £310
    An exceedingly talented harpist, sure to bring a touch of tranquillity and sophistication to your event. Bella offers a vast and eclectic repertoire of laid back Harp...
  • Lera - Harpist
    Lera - Harpist
    From £250
    A wondrous musician who's simply magnificent. Lera is a splendour to watch, as she plucks and dances her way across this unusual and heavenly instrument to produce a...