Stamford String Quartets

Stamford String Quartets

If you're seeking to transport your guests back to a time of utter refinement and splendour, book one of Bands for Hire's admirable string quartets in Stamford. Classically trained in the works of legendary composers such as Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert, our wondrously gifted Stamford string quartets have had their fair share of professional experience, many of them having performed internationally with larger orchestras, and you can share this incredible music with your guests.

Hire a Wedding String Quartet in Stamford

The unmistakable air of tradition and class that descends once a Stamford string quartet strikes up is particularly effective at weddings – the ceremonious tones of Wagner's Bridal Chorus as the bride to be proceeds down the aisle is truly the stuff of dreams. But there are plenty of other occasions that deserve the same level of class and sophistication, such as graduations, awards ceremonies, drinks receptions, private dinner functions, garden parties, charity or corporate events – if you feel your event is a real cause for celebration, and want to communicate this to your guests through the medium of music, there are few more effective methods than hiring a string quartet.

Book a Local String Quartet in Stamford

Our local string quartets in Stamford don't only perform classical music, however; they like to lend their talents to all walks of musical life. One minute you could be enjoying Spring form Vivaldi's Four Seasons, and the next you could find yourself humming along to the theme tune from Pirates of the Caribbean. The suites, sonatas and other classical compositions are artfully interspersed with pop and rock hits by such artists as Queen, ABBA, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and the Ramones, and themes from shows and films like Cats!, the Lion King, Goldfinger, Star Wars and Fawlty Towers. To hear melodies so familiar to our ears reimagined for classical instruments is a delight to say the least. For further details, please give us a call, and we'll ensure your experience with us is a straightforward and enjoyable one.

Stamford String Trios and Duos

Two violins, a viola and a cello are usually the only four ingredients you need to complete your recipe for a quintessential quartet – the cellist's low frequencies perfectly complement the light and breezy melodies of the violins, and the violist adds just the right amount of middle ground to result in a deliciously rich tone. Even so, our string quartets in Stamford are more than happy to perform for you in a different formations should your budget and venue requirements deem it necessary – string duos, string trios and string ensembles are all potential alternatives to the norm.

If you're seeking for more chilled out and relaxing music for your special day then you might also be interested in our Stamford pianists or harpists in Stamford.

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