How To Pick The Right Band For Your Birthday Party

How To Pick The Right Band For Your Birthday Party

So you're looking to throw the ultimate birthday party and think that adding live music will achieve this? Well, you're undoubtedly the brightest candle on the cake because we couldn't agree with you more (and we're certainly not biased).

We try not to toot our own trumpet too much, but whether you're planning an 18th or 50th birthday party, we're confident you'll find the perfect live band to make your occasion unforgettable.

Researching party bands can be tough; similar to blowing up too many birthday balloons, you may well be left feeling dizzy and disorientated. Luckily, we've conveniently listed some of our top recommendations to mark those all-important milestones.

Top 10 Birthday Party Bands

Let's start nice and easy with our top 10 recommended party bands to suit any birthday party. You don't necessarily have to stick to a party theme - we represent a wide selection of bands that would be suitable for all ages, themes and tastes alike.

We all have to start from somewhere, and if finding the perfect band is number one on your list (and we salute you if it is), then this will inspire you in planning the perfect birthday party.

18th and 21st Birthday Party Bands

The first two big milestones in anyone's lives are their 18th and 21st birthdays, often associated with entering adulthood and the 'big wide world'. We believe it's the perfect opportunity to throw a big party and celebrate this momentous occasion with your family and friends, so why not hire out a live band for everyone to really let loose!

Our pop and modern party bands cover a range of well-known chart hits and current artists, making them the ideal entertainment to keep the younger crowd glued to the dance floor all night. Our roster of contemporary party bands cover a range of artists from Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa and The Weeknd to Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and many others to guarantee your birthday is a smash hit!

30th Birthday Party Bands

If you've successfully navigated your way through your twenties, then you deserve to celebrate your 30th in style! Sure, it's harder to kick those hangovers the next day, but that doesn't mean we still don't have that urge to party running through our veins - pack the fridge with bacon rashers, stock up on OJ and throw a 30th birthday party like tomorrow doesn't exist!

If you were born in the late 80s / early 90s then it's possible you grew up listening to indie bands such as Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, The Kaiser Chiefs, Stereophonics and many others. So why not check out our indie rock bands below who'd certainly make any 30th birthday party a smash hit.

40th Birthday Party Bands

The big four zero definitely deserves some recognition and it's certainly a cause for celebration. Any fellow ravers in the audience? We've got you covered with our 90s dance tribute bands covering anthems such as Darude's Sandstorm, Prodigy's Firestarter and Gala's Freed From Desire - prepare for a night of insomnia, because you'll be partying until the early hours!

Stuck on ideas? We'd recommend our 90s bands who capture the Britpop era, covering heavyweight bands such as Oasis and Blur for guests to have the ultimate singalong at your 40th birthday party!

50th Birthday Party Bands

No matter what age, all birthdays are a joyous occasion and a reason to get everyone together for some good grub and right old boogie! Celebrating your 50th in style can be as easy as booking one of our highly entertaining and engaging party bands and simply leaving the entertainment to them - we're confident you'll friends and family will be talking about your 50th bash for years to come!

We'd recommend checking out our highly entertaining 80s bands, perfect for a generation turning fifty. Covering purely 80s pop & rock or a little bit of everything, our talented party bands know how to get the crowd involved and up on their feet.

60th Birthday Party Bands

If you're going to throw a party for your 60th, it would be a shame not to go big on the entertainment. We represent a whole range of exciting acts that cover a variety of styles and genres; with so much choice on the table, you never know what might take your fancy!

70th Birthday Parties & Beyond

Now we're reaching some impressive milestones, we're throwing out the big numbers - these are the kind of birthdays that deserve to be marked as a momentous occasion.

With this in mind, why not make your loved ones' 70th, 80th, 90th or even 100th birthday memorable by hiring some live music entertainment! Take a look below at our recommended acts that would be suitable for any type of birthday party, whether it's a birthday dinner, birthday drinks or just a plain ol' knees-up!