Top 12 Best Small Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Consider

Top 12 Best Small Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Consider

Does size really matter? There's no denying that it's fun to go large, but sometimes the occasion simply doesn't call for it.

For intimate weddings, shared with only your nearest and dearest, a full-scale soul band and grand firework display may seem excessive. So perhaps take things down a notch and consider some low-key wedding entertainment ideas that better suit your venue size and guest list.

If you're looking for small wedding entertainment ideas to keep your guests in the party mood, you've come to the right place. Whether you're after a stripped-back acoustic act or something fun and vibrant to keep the atmosphere bustling, our guide will walk you through 12 of the very best small wedding ideas. Read on to learn more.

string duo for hire

1. String Duo

With a timeless sound, string instruments have become a staple in weddings worldwide. When you think of strings, you probably envision a quartet consisting of a viola, a cello, and two violins. However, hiring a string quartet can become overbearing for small weddings.

If you're having your wedding at a small venue with a limited number of guests, consider hiring a string duo. String duos are an excellent addition to any wedding ceremony, reception, or wedding breakfast.

Typically, a duo will consist of a cello and violin, a violin and a viola, or two violins. Because string ensembles usually set their price depending on the number of musicians, a string duo will also be a cheaper alternative to a quartet - always an added bonus.

2. Jazz Duo

If you prefer jazz over classical, consider hiring a jazz duo for your big day. A jazz duo will bring charm and sophistication to your event, creating a relaxed, atmospheric ambience that will set the tone of your day.

The instrumentation of jazz duos might vary depending on the band you hire, but some typical line-ups will include:

  • Piano and Sax
  • Two Acoustic Guitars
  • Double Bass and Piano

If your wedding is generally small, but your venue allows it, you might consider hiring a slightly bigger jazz band such as a trio or quartet. Having a jazz band of any size never fails to entertain, even for those guests that might usually favour something more contemporary.

acoustic wedding singer
Hire an Acoustic Wedding Singer

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3. Acoustic Wedding Singer

Hiring a vocalist to perform at your wedding can heighten the event's atmosphere and create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. If you like the idea of a down-to-earth acoustic act, you can either opt for a solo singer/guitarist or an acoustic duo with a singer and accompanying guitarist.

Acoustic wedding singers perform covers of popular songs by your favourite artists in just about any genre! So, whether you're into indie, pop or folky blues, an acoustic singer will help you develop a repertoire that you and all of your guests will love.

4. Singer With Backing Tracks

If an acoustic act doesn't get your juices flowing, but your venue can't accommodate a full band, perhaps consider hiring a wedding singer with backing tracks. This small wedding entertainment idea is perfect if you want the magic of live music while conserving space and creating a lively environment.

Singers who perform with backing tracks provide an upbeat selection of music from various genres, making them the perfect addition to your small wedding, especially if you want to entertain guests of all ages.

Solo wedding singers usually provide a sound system and can often provide a DJ set if you're looking for someone to take care of all of your wedding entertainment in one fell swoop.

5. Electric Violinist

Hiring an electric violinist is the solution if you love the sound of strings but want to hire an act that will create an uptempo atmosphere. Although solo violinists typically specialise in classical music, most violinists can incorporate a variety of genres into their repertoire. So, no matter what kind of music you want during your big day, the best wedding violinists will adapt.

One of the most significant benefits of hiring an electric violinist is that they can accompany their act with backing tracks. Doing so will elevate their performance and create a party vibe that will keep everyone in the venue entertained for the entire celebration.

Another great benefit of this small wedding entertainment idea is that it's budget-friendly! You'll get the magic and sophistication of a string performance without spending as much as you would if you hired a string trio or quartet.

6. Solo Sax Player

The sax is a very versatile instrument, making it ideally suited to various musical styles. Solo sax players make an excellent addition to daytime receptions, wedding breakfasts and evening parties.

Like a solo singer or electric violinist, solo sax players are a great option if your wedding venue is small. Usually, all a sax player will need to perform is their instrument and a small PA to amplify the sound.

Steel drum duo

7. Steel Band Duo

If you have an outdoor wedding, you won't want to miss the excitement of having a steel drum duo entertaining your guests. Steel drum bands provide a fun vibe without the need for electricity.

With their fun Caribbean beats, they'll be sure to have your toes-a-tapping throughout the day.

8. Caricaturist

If you've already checked off musical entertainment from your wedding checklist, you might consider some other small wedding entertainment ideas.

Hiring a caricaturist is a great move if you want to entertain your guests AND walk out of your wedding with a keepsake. No matter their age, all of your guests will be queuing up in line to get their portraits made.

Another advantage of this small wedding idea? Caricature services are usually quite affordable and can be themed to match your wedding!

wedding magician

9. Magician

Another great option in this list of small wedding ideas is to hire a professional magician to entertain your guests. After all, who doesn't love magic?

Hiring a magician will keep all of your guests entertained and give them something to talk about far after your wedding festivities are over. Think about it: no matter the age of your guests, everyone in the venue will be trying to figure out the secret to the tricks.

Wedding magicians are both fun and engaging and will add a mysterious and whimsical element to your big day.

photo booth props

10. Photo Booth

In a world where everyone is obsessed with posting their best photos on Instagram and other social media sites, having a photo booth will make all of your guests gush with excitement. Photo booths provide guests with lovely keepsakes from your wedding and make for an enjoyable activity during the reception.

All of your guests will be queuing up in line to get their pictures taken at the booth. Add wedding-themed props, and your big day's photo booth will be something everyone will remember forever.

Palm Reader

11. Palm Reader

As half of the lovely wedded couple, your future will be full of love and good fortune. But, what about your wedding guests? Hire a palm reader to walk around the reception and have them find out!

A palm reader is a unique form of wedding entertainment that all of your guests will enjoy. Whether they have a specific question about their lives or are looking for a general reading about their good fortune, having a professional predict the unknown is a great way to give your guests an extraordinary experience.

12. Limbo Competition

If you want to bring on some friendly competition amongst your loved ones, consider organising a limbo competition. Whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, setting up this activity is a great way to get your guests off their seats and participating in the festivities.

How long can you go? More importantly, how low can your mum go?

Find out by incorporating this fun and easy game during your big day!

To make the event even more entertaining, incentify your guests by giving out prizes for their participation! This can be anything from sweet treats to a t-shirt with you and your partner's initials.

wedding sparklers

Small Wedding Entertainment Ideas

We hope this guide was helpful if you were looking for some of the best small wedding entertainment ideas to incorporate during your big day. From hiring a musical act to having a palm reader walking around and reading the fortune of your guests, all of these small wedding ideas will entertain everyone who attends your wedding.

Want to make your wedding unforgettable by incorporating live music? Contact us today and let us help make your wedding day unforgettable.