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Peterborough Harpists

Peterborough Harpists

Deliver unto your guests a little piece of heaven in the form of a Peterborough harpist, available to book now through Bands for Hire at an extremely competitive rate. We've scoured the globe in search of the very best talent, and are delighted to now be able to offer you the services of classically trained professionals with live experience extending from residencies at the Ritz and Hilton hotels to onstage performances at the Royal Albert Hall and the Opera de Bauge festival in the gardens of Les Capucins.

Hire a Peterborough Wedding Harpist

Setting the right tone is paramount to a successful event, and live music can have a drastic impact on any celebration. Our harpists in Peterborough produce a calming, dream-like sound that will relax and charm all those attending your garden party, graduation, awards ceremony, corporate event, charity event, private dinner function or drinks reception, allowing much more scope for conversation than a more attention-grabbing rock band or jazz quartet – though you may also be interested in our Peterborough acoustic bands. The romantic quality of a harp's strings also make our Peterborough harpists a popular choice to entertain wedding breakfasts and wedding receptions – their beautiful renditions of such pieces as Wagner's Bridal Chorus and Beethoven's Ode to Joy are truly something to behold.

Solo Wedding Harpists for hire in Peterborough

Contrary to popular belief, the harp's spellbinding twang can be adapted effortlessly to fit a wide variety of genres. Not only will our Peterborough wedding harpists grant your wishes for the classical and romantic work of Purcell, Handel and Bach, but will bridge the centuries-wide gap by performing re-imaginings of the pop and rock of Metallica, Florence and the Machine, Beyonce, the Beatles and many other modern artists. Lovers of cinema, television and musical theatre will also be pleased to here themes from such classic productions as Winnie the Pooh & Friends, Les Miserables, the Phantom of the Opera and the Little Mermaid. Our harpists in Peterborough also perform a miscellany of tangos, traditional and celtic folk, jazz standards from the Great American Songbook, operatic arias, Bollywood and Jewish Wedding music, so every kind of guest will be catered for musically.

Bands for Hire can supply a brilliant Peterborough harpists to events in and around the city, including locations such as the East of England Showground, Burghley House, Wadenhoe House, The Great Northern Hotel, Barnsdale Lodge Hotel, The George in Stamford, Barnsdale Hall Hotel, Rutland, The White Hart, Ufford, The Marriott Hotel, Orton Hall, The Haycock in Wansford and The Bell Inn, Stilton. Please feel free to get in touch with any queries.

Soria - Harpist
From £325
Soria has been blessed with a natural affinity for the harp, performing beautiful renditions of popular classics for weddings and private...
Elle - Harpist
From £310
Elle is a talented harpist based in the North West offering a vibrant repertoire of songs played with a graceful and expressive touch. Based in the north of the UK,...
Mae - Harpist
From £310
An award-winning harpist with proficient and natural finesse in her performance. Mae is a professionally trained harpist with a diploma from the London College of...
Estelle - Harpist
From £240
Estelle brings elegance and charm to her performances, coaxing lush and beautiful melodies creating the perfect atmosphere for you and...
Heather - Harpist
From £305
Heather is an exceptionally talented Welsh harpist offering a soundtrack of ambient instrumental pieces, perfect for your wedding...
Bella - Harpist
From £310
An exceedingly talented harpist, sure to bring a touch of tranquillity and sophistication to your event. Bella offers a vast and eclectic...
Frances - Harpist
From £245
An extraordinary harpist with a delicate touch, Frances is sure to make a long-lasting impression on your guests. Frances graduated from...
Tom - Harpist
From £340
Tom is an accomplished harpist offering the perfect musical accompaniment to your wedding, party or corporate event. Performing from a young age, Tom gravitated...
Lera - Harpist
From £250
A wondrous musician who's simply magnificent. Lera is a splendour to watch, as she plucks and dances her way across this unusual and heavenly instrument to produce a...
Celia - Harpist
From £310
A highly professional harpist with a wealth of experience on the British and international circuit. Having studied at Trinity College of...
Sarah - Harpist
From £365
Delicately weaving complex melodies on this ethereal instrument, Sarah shows a mastering of the harp like few others can. Sarah has a...
Ria - Harpist
From £260
Ria is a young and highly talented harpist with a colourful repertoire that truly flaunts the harp. A professional harpist based in the north-west of the UK, Ria is a...
Clare - Harpist
From £245
Clare delicately weaves her magic on this heavenly instrument with her beautiful depictions of modern and classical songs. Based in the...
Maria - Harpist
From £365
Maria is an exceptionally talented harpist with a masterful touch and elegance to her performance. Boasting an impressive repertoire,...
Aaron - Harpist
From £365
Based in the South East, Aaron is an accomplished harpist with a dexterous touch. Aaron offers a mixed selection of classical, popular...