Plymouth Bands for Hire

Plymouth Bands for Hire

Bands for Hire is you number one stop for live entertainment in you local area – here you'll discover everything you need to know about booking the best Plymouth covers bands around. We only work with the most talented an professional musicians as part of our bid to keep your experience with us as straightforward, enjoyable and rewarding as can be. We're excited to be working with function bands in Plymouth who've had such amazing live experiences as performing live on mainstream TV and radio, onstage at prominent UK festivals and for private events hosted by major corporations, and even more excited to be able to offer you their services as such a competitive rate!

Function Bands for Hire in Plymouth

Our basic Plymouth covers band package includes travel costs, use of the band's PA system, lighting rig and a bespoke playlist designed to keep everyone entertained with similar music between sets. However, our flexible and accommodating approach has led us to work out a few alternatives with our covers bands in Plymouth to better meet your budget and venue requirements. If you want to rein things in a little, our Plymouth covers bands can reduce their line up and deliver instead an acoustic, lounge or jazz cocktail set; if you want to bring out the big guns, you can request extra speakers, more sophisticated lights, and a live DJ to make the breaks even more entertaining.

If music be the food of love, have one of our function bands in Plymouth play on at your private dinner function, surprise birthday, garden party, drinks reception, work Christmas do, bat mitzvah, wedding breakfast, bar mitzvah, wedding reception, gala, summer ball, graduation, awards ceremony, store opening, charity event or corporate event. Our wedding and function bands in Plymouth go above and beyond in their efforts to make your event a success, whatever the occasion.

You'll find Plymouth functions bands here on our site that cover every genre imaginable: pop, rock, classical, jazz, indie, punk, R&B, disco, blues, Jewish wedding, Celtic folk, Bollywood and traditional, to name but a few. While a high proportion of our wedding and function bands in Plymouth will perform music from a variety of genres to appeal to a variety of guests, we also have 1920s and 30s swing bands, 50s and 60s rock 'n' roll bands, 90s and 00s Britpop and indie bands and several other specialists ideal for themed wedding receptions, anniversaries, reunions and other parties.

Party Bands for Hire in Plymouth

If there's one thing our Party Bands in Plymouth know how to do, it's… you've guessed it – party! Excellent music is only one aspect of these feisty fiestas – with additional percussionists, horn sections, backing singers and backing dancers, there's almost as much going on onstage as there is off it. Our Plymouth Party Bands are fronted by some of the most charismatic and engaging lead singers on the circuit too, so you can be sure there won't be much sitting down going on. 

  • Violet Soul
    Violet Soul
    From £1695
    A spectacularly soulful & vibrant party band with immense vocals, irresistible grooves and infectious rhythms to get the party started! Violet Soul are a dynamic...
  • Radio King
    Radio King
    From £995
    Radio King are a high octane party band that promise to kick start your event with their explosive repertoire of rock and indie classics. The band consists of four...
  • The Jets
    The Jets
    From £1395
    The Jets are an explosive young function band performing hits from every decade. From old rock 'n' roll classics from the 50's and 60's to indie, Britpop and the...
  • Indiana
    From £1465
    Indiana are a high-energy vintage wedding band performing a combination of contemporary party songs and folk renditions of popular modern classics. With their...
  • The Altitudes
    The Altitudes
    From £1250
    The Altitudes deliver the very best in pop, club, rock and soul for an evening jam-packed full of party anthems. An experienced line-up featuring four of London's...
  • Jukebox Nation
    Jukebox Nation
    From £1285
    Jukebox Nation have created a sound & stage show that continues to reckon with the biggest function bands in the UK. With a line-up made up of the finest musicians...
  • The Rocketeers
    The Rocketeers
    From £1230
    The Rocketeers are a hi-octane rock band who pack a punch with their high intensity Indie, Rock & Pop sets - sure to have the dance floor going wild with...
  • Deadlight
    From £1395
    Deadlight bring an intense indie rock sound that's fuelled by gritty guitars, rumbling bass and sonic drum sounds that'll leave your guests blown away; not to mention...
  • Soul Patrol
    Soul Patrol
    From £935
    Soul Patrol are an exquisitely infectious soul and funk band performing catchy crossovers of classic and contemporary chart hits. Soul Patrol have taken on the biggest...
  • Halcyon
    From £1580
    Halcyon are a lively and dynamic party band covering a wide range of music for every generation. This young and stylish band are the perfect choice to kick start your...
  • Black Genes
    Black Genes
    From £1580
    Black Genes are a slick and undeniably cool indie rock function band performing hit smashers and contemporary classics with flare and style; indie is the new black!...
  • The Fiction
    The Fiction
    From £1295
    The Fiction are a fun and entertaining function band performing popular songs from the past five decades. This talented and enthusiastic 4-piece function band offer a...
  • Stylus
    From £925
    When it comes to event entertainment, Stylus are the elite. This function band comprises some of the UK’s most in-demand rock and pop session musicians; each at the...
  • Soul Brother
    Soul Brother
    From £2165
    A soulful male fronted band that will take the night by storm with their upbeat and funky approach to the classics and contemporary hits. Get ready to twist and shout...
  • Decades
    From £1850
    Decades are the ultimate function band, offering a stage show and performance that won't be beaten. With a repertoire of over 500 songs featuring the best of 50's and...
  • The Big Beats
    The Big Beats
    From £1150
    This energetic 4-piece are guaranteed to deliver a performance with great stage presence and charisma. The Big Beat offer a large and varied repertoire covering the...
  • The Vacation
    The Vacation
    From £1495
    An exhilarating function band that will keep the music flowing and guests smiling from start to finish. An exciting and enthusiastic band that deliver a wide range of...