Stamford Harpists

Stamford Harpists

By using Bands for Hire to hire a local Stamford harpist, you'll be selecting from only the  very best and most professional harpists in the area, available now at a highly competitive and reasonable rate. We have compiled a comprehensive list of these harpists in Stamford for you to choose from, including information on the acts themselves, examples of what they'll play for you, and what kind of deal you will be getting. Our talented local Stamford Harpists have played with orchestras like the Co-Opera company and the London Sound Ensemble, and have enjoyed success at such prestigious venues and events as the Royal Albert Hall and the Opera du Bauge Festival in the gardens of Les Capucins, and are sure to bring an extra element of class to your event, putting a smile on the faces of your guests, and leaving them with a lasting memory of the night.

Hire a Stamford Wedding Harpist

Along with various soundtrack pieces from beloved films, TV shows and musicals along the lines of the Aristocats, Phantom of the Opera and Mission: Impossible, our local harpists perform the works of classical artists like Beethoven, Purcell and Pachelbel, as well as various tangos, the Great American Songbook’s jazz standards and operatic arias. Beyond mastering such traditional music as this, our Stamford harpists incorporate brilliant modern artists into their repertoires, including Florence and the Machine, Pharrell Williams, and Beyonce, and their musical horizons also stretch to Celtic folk, Bollywood and Jewish Wedding music.

Our local Stamford harpists’ services are also perfect additions to shop openings, garden parties, award ceremonies, graduations, and indoor events alike, bringing wonderful atmospheric music that is fit for the Hilton or Ritz to your venue. The enchanting and dreamlike sound of the harp will brighten up the room with a Shakespearean wonder, breathing a fresh air of sophistication to your event. Not only does the harp sounds delightful, but it is also a marvel to witness. There is an undeniable connection between the instrument and musician, and an intrinsic element of showmanship in playing this complex instrument.

Harpists in Stamford

Our local harpists in Stamford will go the literal extra mile to bring your their services, playing at Apethorpe, Barholm, Barnack, Beaston, Bourne, Braceborough, Carlby, Castle Bytham, Deeping St James, Duddington, Easton-on-the-Hill, Edenham, Glinton, Ketton, Kings Cliffe, Market Deeping, Nassington, Stibbington, Wansford, Swayfield, Tallington, Tansor, Thornhaugh, Thurlby, Tinwell, Uffington, and Wittering. With a local Stamford harpist from Bands for Hire , you are guaranteeing your guests an unforgettable time.

  • Bella - Harpist
    Bella - Harpist
    From £310
    An exceedingly talented harpist, sure to bring a touch of tranquillity and sophistication to your event. Bella offers a vast and eclectic repertoire of laid back Harp...
  • Celia - Harpist
    Celia - Harpist
    From £310
    A highly professional harpist with a wealth of experience on the British and international circuit. Having studied at Trinity College of Music and Royal Holloway...
  • Lera - Harpist
    Lera - Harpist
    From £250
    A wondrous musician who's simply magnificent. Lera is a splendour to watch, as she plucks and dances her way across this unusual and heavenly instrument to produce a...
  • Sarah - Harpist
    Sarah - Harpist
    From £365
    Delicately weaving complex melodies on this ethereal instrument, Sarah shows a mastering of the harp like few others can. Sarah has a diverse and versatile style of...
  • Frederica - Harpist
    Frederica - Harpist
    From £340
    Frederica is a talented solo Harpist with a wealth of experience, from live concerts and session work to private events. Frederica provides the perfect soundtrack to...
  • Rachael - Harpist
    Rachael - Harpist
    From £310
    Multi award-winning Harpist Rachael produces beautiful and spellbinding renditions of both classical and modern songs. Learning to play from a young age, Rachel has...
  • Florence - Harpist
    Florence - Harpist
    From £270
    Florence is an exquisitely talented harpist with a masterful touch over this harmonious instrument. Florence performs a range of musical styles to suit a variety of...