How Far in Advance Should I Book a Wedding Band?

How Far in Advance Should I Book a Wedding Band?

When planning a wedding, you may be looking to hire a wedding band, but when is the right time to start your enquires?

Here at Bands for Hire, we start taking bookings for weddings about 18 months before the date, which I know to some may seem a little over-zealous. Booking 18 months in advance means you're pretty much guaranteed to secure the band you're looking for so it can be a very good idea.

However, most couples plan to get married around a year ahead and so that's the most popular time to book. The majority of band bookings are taken 8-12 months before the wedding day - any later than that and you start to miss the boat with your favourite wedding bands.

If a band is popular (like all of our bands!) it's safe to say that by January, 80% of their peak summer dates will be booked up. Saturdays are of course the most popular date for any function band so if you've opted for a Thursday, Friday or Sunday wedding, you can afford to leave it a little later.

Covid and mid-week weddings

One thing to note is that with the arrival of Covid, many weddings have been pushed back by at least a year, meaning all venues and suppliers have even less availability than before. The roll-on effect of this is that many couples are choosing to go for mid-week weddings. The benefits of a mid-week wedding is the increased availability of musicians and bands as well as venues and other wedding suppliers. You may even find that hiring a band mid-week reduces the overall price of your wedding band.

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