Wedding Band Costs in 2023 - What Affects the Price of a Wedding Band?

Wedding Band Costs in 2023 - What Affects the Price of a Wedding Band?

How Much Does a Wedding Band Cost?

If you're recently engaged and are looking for some live wedding music to entertain your guests, a professional wedding band could be the perfect way to kick off your evening.

If you've never hired a wedding band before, you may be unaware of the costs involved. In 2022, the average price of a wedding band in the UK was around £1000 - £1800, but this can vary depending on several aspects, such as the time of year, travel costs and the number of musicians in the band.

With 2023 just around the corner, now is the time to get your wedding entertainment budget in order. Let's take a look at what affects the price of a wedding band.

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Wedding Band Prices for Different Line-ups

The number of band members plays a major role in wedding band pricing. The more professional musicians in the band, the more people there are to pay.

Whilst there are no strict rules, let's take a look at what line-up you can expect to get for your budget.

Solo Wedding Musician: £300 - £500

If you're planning an intimate occasion or are working with a limited budget, a solo wedding musician could be just the ticket. From acoustic singer/guitarists to professional vocalists with backing tracks, there are numerous options to consider.

Many wedding musicians offer packages to cover different parts of your day, including the ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast and wedding reception. Head over to our wedding singers page to browse our roster of talented acts.

Duo: £500 - £800

A duo will typically include a singer and guitarist, often with added keys, loop pedal or backing tracks to create a fuller sound to get your guests dancing.

Many duos can also add on additional musicians, such as a sax player or percussion. This a fantastic addition visually and will certainly add to the overall atmosphere.

3-piece Band: £900 - £1400

The power trio is perhaps one of the most sought-after line-ups on offer. Often featuring vocals, guitar, bass and drums, a trio has the same punch as many 4-piece bands but with one less band member to pay. If you want to get your guests dancing, a rockin' 3-piece band won't let you down.

4/5-piece Band: £1200 - £1800+

The most popular wedding bands in the wedding industry feature four or five musicians. The perfect combination of vocals, guitars, bass, drums and keys mean your band will be fully equipped to deliver a diverse set of classics that will appeal to wedding guests of all ages.

6-8 piece Band: £2000+

By increasing your budget, you'll now have the option to add a sax player or full horn section to your band. With six or more members, you can expect a vibrant performance that will be sure to make a strong impression. Just remember to check space and sound limitations with your wedding venue before making a booking.

What other factors affect the overall cost of a wedding band?

Numerous other factors affect how much wedding bands cost, from the band's popularity to the time of the year. Let's look at these in more detail:

How in demand are the wedding band?

Being a wedding musician is similar to any other job or business; if a great band has been going for many years, that will no doubt mean that there's a lot of work coming in. Over the years, the band may choose to increase their price to reflect their experience.

Seasonal prices / Last-minute bookings

Fridays and Saturdays in the summer are the busiest time for every wedding band, so there isn't usually room for a discount. If you're getting married in February and March, some bands may quote slightly lower than they would in the summer months.

Similarly, if you're organising a last-minute wedding and need a band in, say, 4 weeks, you can expect bands without a booking to offer a more competitive price. However, most bands on our books are fully booked for the summer by January, so try not to wait too long!

TipAs a general rule, the average cost per wedding musician is £300-350. This means that a 4-piece wedding band might cost anywhere from £1200 for the evening's entertainment.

Travel Expense / Time Spent Travelling

Most live wedding bands are used to travelling and realise it's not always easy to find a band in the same town, but as diesel prices continue to soar, fuel costs are inevitably passed on to couples.

Another thing to consider is that a couple of hours travelling to and from the venue can mean 4 extra work hours for 4 to 5 people. Some bands may consider this before quoting.

Arrival Time / Finish time

With travel time taken into account, a band can often expect to work 12-hour days. This is based on a 5:30 pm-6 pm arrival time, and any earlier will mean a price increase. Quotes are usually based on a midnight finish, and you can expect to pay more for the band to stay until 1 am or later.

Set Length / Performance time

Bands generally perform two sets of around an hour. That's just an average, some bands offer 2 x 45 minute sets, whilst others prefer 3 x 45 minutes. If you have specific timings in mind, just let your band know and they may be able to offer a suitable package.

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If the band are based 3-4 hours away, they may need to stay over in a hotel, and this is also considered when calculating a quote.

So, how much does a live wedding band cost?

The real answer is that there are no hard and fast rules, and many factors affect the price of a live wedding band - hopefully, our pricing guide has given you a good starting point.

Now that you're in the know, it's time to start your search for a live band. At Bands For Hire, we represent only the best wedding bands across the UK to cover a wide range of budgets. Take a look at our wedding bands page to get started, and drop us an email with any queries.