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Cheshire Harpists

Cheshire Harpists

The delicate sound of beauty that emanates from a Cheshire harpist's nimble fingers is one which Bands for Hire would strongly recommend for a low-key yet elegant event. We're privileged to be working with some of the most gifted musicians in the country, with many of our local harpists in Cheshire possessing impressive track records, including working with the London Sound Ensemble, performing in Rachmaninov's Concert Hall and the National Gallery, and being witnessed by Prince Charles and Prince William. If you feel your guests would appreciate such an esteemed Cheshire harpist, you'll find they're all available at a highly competitive rate.

Hire a Cheshire Wedding Harpist

If you were under the impression that the harp is a symbol for a forgotten age of hopeless romantics, think again! Our harpists in Cheshire can indeed instil tender emotions in even the hardest hearts, and are an ever popular choice for wedding breakfasts and wedding receptions, but that's not all. For any occasion you wish to mark as a pleasant and proper affair, such as a private dinner function, garden party, corporate or charity event or drinks reception, we at Bands for Hire suggest enlisting the expertise of a Cheshire harpist.

Book local Harpists in Cheshire

The harp has a distinct physical advantage over a band, ensemble or even some of our solo instrumentalists, as the instrument itself is compact and will take up a minimal amount of space. The harp can achieve a rare combination of the intimate and the understated; far from pulling focus, many of your guests may not even realise what it is that's soothing their spirits so, yet, if they so desire, they can look on in awe at the ease and fluidity with which the instrument is played.

Our harpists in Cheshire, like so many of the fantastic artist we're lucky enough to be working with, thrive on variety. Consequently, their sets contain examples of several differing genres. Along with an eclectic mix Jewish, Asian, Celtic and traditional compositions, our Cheshire harpists tackle Puccini, Purcell, Offenbach and several other operatic arias, 60's pop and rock hits by The Animals, the Byrds and the Beach Boys, jazz standards and variations by George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Rodgers & Hammerstein, contemporary chart toppers by Christina Aguilera, Elton John and Coldplay, and themes from the Flintstones, Songs of the South, the Godfather, Braveheart and the Little Mermaid. Feel free to explore our pages to find out more about individual harpists, and please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries.

If you're after more music that's relaxing and harmonious then you might also be interested in our Cheshire string quartets or pianists in Cheshire.

Frances - Harpist
From £245
An extraordinary harpist with a delicate touch, Frances is sure to make a long-lasting impression on your guests. Frances graduated from...
Clare - Harpist
From £245
Clare delicately weaves her magic on this heavenly instrument with her beautiful depictions of modern and classical songs. Based in the...
Heather - Harpist
From £305
Heather is an exceptionally talented Welsh harpist offering a soundtrack of ambient instrumental pieces, perfect for your wedding...
Estelle - Harpist
From £240
Estelle brings elegance and charm to her performances, coaxing lush and beautiful melodies creating the perfect atmosphere for you and...
Elle - Harpist
From £310
Elle is a talented harpist based in the North West offering a vibrant repertoire of songs played with a graceful and expressive touch. Based in the north of the UK,...
Ria - Harpist
From £260
Ria is a young and highly talented harpist with a colourful repertoire that truly flaunts the harp. A professional harpist based in the north-west of the UK, Ria is a...
Soria - Harpist
From £325
Soria has been blessed with a natural affinity for the harp, performing beautiful renditions of popular classics for weddings and private...
Bella - Harpist
From £310
An exceedingly talented harpist, sure to bring a touch of tranquillity and sophistication to your event. Bella offers a vast and eclectic...
Lera - Harpist
From £250
A wondrous musician who's simply magnificent. Lera is a splendour to watch, as she plucks and dances her way across this unusual and heavenly instrument to produce a...
Mae - Harpist
From £310
An award-winning harpist with proficient and natural finesse in her performance. Mae is a professionally trained harpist with a diploma from the London College of...