Chester Jazz & Swing Bands

Chester Jazz & Swing Bands

Greetings from the most comprehensive compendium of hireable jazz bands in Chester! We have tonnes of great local musicians, all seasoned live performers who never miss a beat, and they're available to you now at a highly competitive rate.

Hire a Jazz Band in Chester

We calculate our event specific quotes to include the band's travel expenses, plus usage of their lighting rig and PA. We're very flexible and accommodating here at Bands for Hire, and we want to make sure your experience with us simple, stress free and successful. We have many different shapes and sizes of jazz band in Chester for you to choose from - solo jazz guitarists, solo jazz pianists, acoustic duos, jazz trios, jazz quartets, all the way up to 9-10 members swing bands - so we hope you'll find a band that'll suit your venue and budget requirements. However, if you're still unsure, many of our Chester jazz / swing bands are happy to alter their line ups and fee accordingly. Let us know in your initial inquiry if you'd prefer a jazz cocktail set - or indeed if you'd prefer backing singers and horn sections to fill out the sound.

The jazz aficionados of your group of guests will be delighted to hear that our Chester jazz bands have done their homework, reeling off jazz standard after jazz standard from the Great American Songbook, as well as the most excellent trad jazz, New Orleans Dixieland jazz, contemporary jazz, jazz fusion, jazz funk, gypsy jazz and every other kind imaginable.

Jazz Singers in Chester

We have plenty of jazz bands in Chester who specialise in instrumental pieces, and plenty more that are fronted by some staggeringly talented jazz singers. It depends on what sort of effect you're going for - if you want to move more than your guest's feet, then choosing a Chester swing and jazz band whose singer can do Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra justice is the way to go.

Everyone knows jazz is cool! So if you want a slice of that coolness to go with your wedding reception, surprise birthday, private dinner function, store opening, corporate event, charity ball, summer fete, gala, awards ceremony, graduation or anniversary, hire yourself one of our spectacular jazz and swing bands in Chester and feel the temperature drop.

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  • Hot House Jazz
    Hot House Jazz
    From £715
    A truly authentic 1920s, prohibition style jazz and swing band that'll leave guests tapping away into the night! Based in the North West, this 1920s jazz and swing...
  • Jazz Roots
    Jazz Roots
    From £395
    Jazz Roots are a stylish young jazz duo offering an extensive repertoire of jazz standards - perfect for weddings, corporate events and dinner parties. The band offers...
  • That Old Swing Thing
    That Old Swing Thing
    From £695
    That Old Swing Thing bring you the very best swing tunes from the 20's, the perfect soundtrack for your vintage wedding, party or corporate event. With the biggest and...
  • Clever Dixie
    Clever Dixie
    From £1250
    Clever Dixie are a sensational 6-piece Swing Jive band for hire performing a range of popular pop and rock songs with a twist. Their unique cross-genre repertoire has...
  • Gypsyland Jazz
    Gypsyland Jazz
    From £440
    Gypsyland Jazz are a collective of professional musicians with a carefully crafted repertoire of popular songs with a gypsy jazz twist! If you're looking to create...
  • Take Two
    Take Two
    From £355
    Take Two are a superb jazz duo that create a wonderfully relaxed and charming atmosphere. Offering a sophisticated set of jazz classics, this duo are certain to leave...
  • Swing Groove
    Swing Groove
    From £1500
    Swing Groove is a Swing Band and a Soul Band, covering all the party classics from Sinatra, Buble and Elvis through to Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder and more! With an...
  • Swing Street Trio
    Swing Street Trio
    From £750
    Jumpin' 3-piece swing band bringing back the sound of 1920's New York. Swing Street Trio perform all the hit's from 1920's prohibition America as made famous by the...
  • The Pranksters
    The Pranksters
    From £1575
    The Pranksters are a jump and jive 1940s swing band with exuberant spirit! A swing band like no other, The Pranksters welcome you to their unique vintage swing band,...
  • Jamie Berry - Electro Swing DJ
    Jamie Berry - Electro Swing DJ
    From £795
    Fresh-faced producer Jamie Berry is recognised for his musical couplet of shuffling modern beats and vintage swing sounds. His idiosyncratic sound piques your interest...
  • 52nd Street Jazz
    52nd Street Jazz
    From £895
    If those timeless jazz standards make you misty-eyed and wistful, then 52nd Street Jazz, with their authentic style and effortless skill, are the jazz band for you....