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Wedding Band or DJ?

Wedding Band or DJ?

For anyone organising a wedding, the evening's entertainment in particular is going to pose a few questions. The biggest question of all seems to be: should you book a band or a DJ? Both have their merits, both have their drawbacks... a lot of it comes down to budget (a wedding band tends to cost more) and personal preference (DJs can cater to a wider audience). In our personal opinion, there really is nothing like having a live band perform just for you at your wedding. Not only does this increase the audience interaction, but it also adds a real sense of occasion – a group of trained professional musicians is much more impressive to most people than even the most skilled vinyl-spinner.

Should I Book a Live Wedding Band?

Most high quality 4 and 5 piece wedding bands are available from around £1000 to £1500, which will get you two full sets, a full PA system and lighting rig, and a bespoke playlist of similar music to entertain your guests during the break. Many of our wedding bands also offer a DJ service at a little extra cost – certainly a lot littler than a separate DJ would cost! This option also saves you a lot of space, since all the equipment and personnel come from within the band you've already hired, so it's a smart move if you're holding your wedding reception at a smaller venue.

Variety should also be an important factor to take into consideration when you're deciding between the two. A wedding band will predominantly play in one style, and while they may play songs from outside their genre, their instrumentation will present them with certain limitations. However, you'll get a sense of cohesion, and a stronger theme present throughout your wedding reception – so once you've found a wedding band whose style suits you and will appeal to your guests, you've cracked it! On the flip side, a professional DJ who knows how to work the room can adapt their set at any point – so if people aren't responding well to the 90s house mix, they can change things up with a bit of disco. And while it might not seem as special, as the DJ's not creating music for you in the strictest sense, they can still personalise their sets to include as many of your favourites as you want.

Should I book a DJ?

If you've got the budget for it, then a professional wedding DJ is most definitely a worthy addition to your evening entertainment. As varied as our wedding bands are, it's hard to compete with the limitless reservoir of music a DJ has at their fingertips, either through an extensive record collection or the entire internet. A DJ also has the added advantage of being able to seamlessly segue from one song to another, which makes for an uninterrupted party mix. If you're booking a band through Bands for Hire, and want to hire a separate DJ, we can recommend one for you that'll suit your chosen band's style.