Ripon Jazz & Swing Bands

Ripon Jazz & Swing Bands

This is the best place to be if you've got an event on the horizon – Bands for Hire is home to the best jazz bands in Ripon, and jazz is the coolest way to get the party started! We've worked long and hard sourcing the greatest local talent, and we're happy to be able to offer you the most skilful, professional and experienced jazz bands Ripon has to offer. We're constantly looking for ways to make our booking process more stress free and simple, and we keep our rates very competitive, so combine that with just how awesome our jazz and swing bands in Ripon are and you're on to a triple winner.

Book Jazz Singers and Jazz Bands in Ripon

The illustrious genre of jazz has given us some of the best singers of all time: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole, to name but a few. A significant proportion of our fantastic jazz bands in Ripon are fronted by singers who have studied these legends meticulously, and have managed to figure out that special something that made them so legendary, as you'll see and hear for yourself!

Don't worry if your guest list isn't chock-a-block with jazz nuts – there are plenty of tunes in our Ripon jazz bands' repertoires that'll blow the minds of even the most absolute novices. Check out our Ripon jazz and swing bands' profiles to get a clearer idea of the bebop, cool jazz, Dixieland jazz, trad jazz, modern jazz, gypsy jazz and Gershwin, Porter and Berlin jazz standards from the great American Songbook that they play – it's like a crash course! You guests will all be snapping their fingers along by the end – especially as our jazz bands in Ripon like to sneak in a few jazzed-up Ed Sheeran, Daft Punk and Lady Gaga songs into their sets!

Booking a Jazz Band in Ripon

Once you've decided whether an acoustic jazz duo, jazz trio, jazz quartet, full jazz band featuring a brass section and backing singers, solo jazz guitarist or solo jazz pianist would best suit your venue and budget requirements, the rest is easy! The individual quotes we've displayed cover usage of all the equipment your chosen band is likely to need, and is calculated with the band's regular line up in mind – though you'll find a lot of our flexible and accommodating jazz bands in Ripon are more than happy to alter their line ups if need be.

Our Ripon swing bands have been recommended for several different event types. In the past, they've been given a warm reception at wedding breakfasts, garden parties, awards ceremonies, graduations, corporate events, charity events, summer balls, galas, fetes, store openings, private dinner functions, work Christmas dos and surprise birthdays to name but a few!

Hot House Jazz
From £715
A truly authentic 1920s, prohibition-style swing band that'll leave guests tapping away into the night! Based in the North West, this 1920s jazz and swing band bring...
Take Two
From £355
Take Two are a superb jazz duo that promise to create a wonderfully relaxed and charming atmosphere at your event. Offering a sophisticated set of jazz classics, Take...
Swing Groove
From £2340
Swing Groove is a Swing Band and a Soul Band, covering all the party classics from Sinatra, Buble and Elvis through to Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder and more! With an...
Gypsyland Jazz
From £440
Gypsyland Jazz are a collective of professional musicians with a carefully crafted repertoire of popular songs with a gypsy jazz twist! If you're looking to create...
That Old Swing Thing
From £695
That Old Swing Thing bring you the very best swing tunes from the 20's, the perfect soundtrack for your vintage wedding, party or...
Jamie Berry - Electro Swing DJ
From £595
Fresh-faced producer Jamie Berry is recognised for his musical couplet of shuffling modern beats and vintage swing sounds. Jamie's...
Swing Street Trio
From £750
Jumpin' 3-piece swing band bringing back the sound of 1920s New York. Swing Street Trio perform all the hits from 1920s prohibition...
The Pranksters
From £1575
The Pranksters are a jump and jive 1940s swing band with exuberant spirit! A swing band like no other, The Pranksters welcome you to their unique vintage swing band,...
After Hours
From £490
A sophisticated & stylish jazz outfit with expert improvisational skills. After Hours are no average jazz band and whilst they cover many well-loved jazz and blues...
Twenties Again
From £550
Vibrant traditional Dixieland jazz band. Twenties Again are a 1920s jazz outfit covering jazz classics such as 'Sweet Georgia Brown', 'Autumn Leaves', 'Fly Me To The...
The Chaser Quartet
From £1125
The Chaser Quartet bring you the very best of both worlds: cool & sophisticated jazz, as well as high-energy dance-floor favourites...