Hen Party Ideas: What to Do on a Hen Do

Hen Party Ideas: What to Do on a Hen Do

There are 278,599 weddings held in the United Kingdom each year. That means a lot of brides - and a lot of hen parties! If you're planning a hen do for a bride-to-be, you'd better make sure that it isn't a carbon copy of the 278,598 that came before it!

In the twenty-first century, there's no such thing as a traditional hen party! Every event is unique, planned to suit the bride who will be tying the knot in a few weeks, days, or hours. With so much freedom, it can be helpful to start with a few tried-and-true hen party ideas to get you started.

Our Bands For Hire musicians have been to a Hen Do or two, so we're all well aware of what makes a good one! We've created this guide to share some of the most memorable bachelorette ideas that we've seen in action. From glamorous garden gatherings to girl's weekends under the stars, we're sure that we can inspire your fun-filled last hurrah!

Are you ready to throw the most unique hen do party this year? Keep reading to pick up on the hen party ideas that the squad will never forget!


The Glamping Get Together

Is your bride-to-be a nature buff who can't get enough of the great outdoors... but still likes her creature comforts after a long day of forest bathing? A glamping hen do might be just the thing! This "elevated camping trip" combines your favourite childhood slumber party with the rugged wilderness for an overnight event you won't soon forget!

Don't worry - the hens won't break a sweat because there is no tent pitching involved. The "glam" in "glamping" comes from the accommodations. It's not unusual for the girls to spend the night in a yurt, shepherd hut, bell tent, or even individual, personalised tipis!

You can BYOB and enjoy all your favourite bridal activities around the campfire. If you need a bit of help to get the party started, why not bring in a ringer? Hiring a soloist or guitarist to get the singing going is a wonderful way to elevate every last aspect of this outdoor hen do!

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The Garden Gala

You don't need to leave home to try one of our favourite hen do ideas - the humble home garden party! By throwing the celebration close to home, you don't need to coordinate with a venue, and can keep the festivities going until late in the evening - or the early morning, if you're having a wild time!

On the other hand, a garden party is also a way to ensure that you keep things on the quieter side. A shy or reticent bride might prefer an intimate and familiar affair. Either way, this is one of the most customisable party options, as your garden is the canvas!

What can you add to make that canvas your own? We suggest planning some classic bridal shower games to keep things interesting.

You can create a lovely ambience by decorating with lanterns and light. Make sure there's plenty of seating for mingling and chatter. We love the idea of a DIY cocktail cart or even a DIY nail polish station.

If you want to keep the hens moving, you can even rent a portable dance floor and install it right in the garden! Keep things classy by hiring a string quartet, or make it active with an energetic function band!

Afternoon tea party

The Traditional Tea Party

Nothing says bride-to-be like afternoon tea! This is a classic option that will be palatable to every guest on your list, including gran! Best of all, when you book afternoon tea at a hotel or tea room, they'll take care of all of the setup, clean-up, and general ambience.

If you prefer your tea to go, track down a catering company and host your high tea wherever you like. A tea party is a blast in a hotel suite, outside at a park, or in your back garden. Your hens will be content with any opportunity to dress in their finest!

No matter where you host this traditional hen party, a bit of live music will add an air of extravagance to the day. Our favourite touch is a live jazz band, which will help keep things lively and vibrant.

As long as there is delicious champagne, wonderful treats, and the tea is flowing, everyone will have a classy, fabulous time feasting and chatting.

The Self-Care Soiree

If you'd like to take the hens on the road, consider a destination party at a spa hotel for a weekend of pampering and relaxation. Many venues offer hen party packages with a prix fixe menu of services and treatments. You'll relax, destress, and treat yourselves all weekend long - and with those bags under your eyes taken care of, the opportunities for great selfies will be endless!

If a whole weekend away is out of your budget, you can recreate a weekend of pampering and self-care at home. Buy a selection of face masks and home manicure supplies. You can create a relaxing ambience by curating a calming playlist and filling the space with sweet and subtle scented candles.

If you can swing it, it's always fun to invite a professional masseuse or massage therapist to offer each guest their own moment of zen. This option is perfect if your bride has been stressing about her big day! She's certain to destress when her entire hen do is an ode to relaxation!

Garden cinema hen party

The Film Fête

If your bride is a film buff, help her create an unforgettable movie-themed celebration to remember! Go big and rent a portable movie screen and projector for a screening under the stars. If you bring in a popcorn machine, the hens can enjoy fresh, hot concessions as the scent of popping corn fills the air.

If you plan to show a few of the bride's favourite films, be sure to tie everything into the theme for a cohesive event. Each film can have a signature cocktail inspired by the title.

If you don't have the space for an outdoor function, look into renting a local cinema for the event. You'll have the whole place to yourselves for all kinds of hen party shenanigans!

After hours of sitting and taking in the entertainment, your guests might want to get up and dance it off! You might consider hiring a DJ to end your night on a wild and raucous note!

The Foodie Function

If your bride can't seem to keep away from the kitchen, then you might as well embrace it! Create a foodie celebration where the bride and the crew work together to create a phenomenal, homemade feast! Set the menu, gather the ingredients, and give yourselves the time and the space to dig into some challenging recipes!

If you aren't naturally food-inclined, there's no shame in getting some help from the professionals! One option is to book a private cooking or baking class, where all the hens can learn to prepare a gourmet dish under the supervision of a patient, professional chef. You can craft delectable concoctions that might be challenging on your own, like french macarons or soufflés.

Is your bride more about eating than cooking? Take the burden off and bring in a private chef to curate and prepare a gourmet meal right in your home kitchen! You can work with the chef to develop a custom menu that she'll adore.

The benefit of that arrangement is that the hens can have more than a glass of wine if they'd like. There is no need to keep perfectly sober when a professional is handling the knives!

Murder mystery

The Theatrical Attraction

If your bride has a flair for the dramatic, you could bring her out for a night of West End Theatre... or you could bring the theatrics to you! A classic Murder Mystery party is a great way to get all of the hens in on the action and keep things lively - even if there's a "dead body" involved!

A murder mystery dinner is an interactive performance in which guests will collaborate, gather clues, and a few might even don a costume and play a role! A professional company can come in and keep the story moving. They'll supply professional actors, props, costumes, and even certificates and awards.

You can often hold a murder mystery party at any restaurant with prior notice. Choose the bride's favourite cuisine or book a beloved hometown haunt!

The DIY Do

Even after making favours, designing centrepieces, and hand lettering all of her invitations, any artsy bride loves a good craft night! Consider throwing her a relaxing DIY crafting party with some lower stakes so she can embrace the joy of creation again!

There are so many studios and schools that offer crafty and compelling hen party packages. The whole hen crew can try flower arranging or wreath making, and you can even get your hands dirty at a pottery studio and spend a rejuvenating weekend at the wheel.

Alternatively, why not book a paint and sip event? An instructor will offer step-by-step directions as you each paint your own stunning canvas. No art experience is necessary, and everyone leaves tipsy with a gorgeous work of art!

Hen Party Cruise

The Seaside Spree

Your beachy bride will love the atmosphere of a hen party held aboard a private boat! Tons of private cruise companies offer hen party packages, so all you'll need to do is BYOB and come aboard. You'll have the whole luxury cruise to yourselves to get as wild and raucous as you'd like.

Many cruise lines offer onboard entertainment, but you still might want to plan some hen party games to keep everyone busy and buzzed!

Many ships even allow you to dine right on board. You can enjoy a catered meal or pack a nautical picnic.

You can also hire a party band to keep things moving as you all dance wildly on the waves! Barring that, bring in a ringer to teach the whole crew some sea shanties and spend the night in perfect harmony!

The Education Celebration

Just because the bride is getting hitched doesn't mean she can't learn some new tricks! Our final hen party idea is a group class, where the whole squad can have a blast trying something new!

One option is a group makeup class, where a makeup artist will teach you all you need to know to highlight your best features. You'll enjoy demos and makeup application as you practice your new cosmetic skills. Best of all, your selfies will be incredible as you'll all look like celebrities!

In contrast, you might all enjoy a group dance class at a local studio. A hen party is a great time to try something wild and different, such as a burlesque lesson or even a pole dancing class! The stags will be sorry that they missed this bash!

If you go the class route, there is an option for almost any interest! It's one of our favourite options for a hen party where most of the guests don't know one another. A great class can break the ice and unite the crew as you learn and grow together.

The Best Hen Party Ideas for Beautiful Brides-To-Be

How will you spend your final night of freedom? In the end, it doesn't matter whether you enjoy a traditional hen party or something off the walls! The true value of a good hen do is relaxing, spending time with the girls, and preparing for the future - whatever that means to you!

From the mild to the wild, you can elevate every single one of these hen party ideas with live music! At Bands For Hire, we can match you with a performer who will ensure that your perfect hen is a perfect ten! Contact us today to find the quartet, soloist, or small ensemble for your dream shindig!