What is Bandeoke and Rockaoke?

What is Bandeoke and Rockaoke?

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to perform onstage with a premium band for one unforgettable evening? Bandeoke is just what you've been looking for!

In short, Bandeoke (also known as Live Karaoke or Rockaoke) is where two very different worlds collide – the world of live music, and the world of karaoke. Each live Bandeoke band comes with an extensive and varied bank of songs for you to choose from – all you have to do is get behind the mic. And once you’ve tried Bandeoke, you’ll never go back to backing tracks!

"Bandeoke (also known as Rockaoke and Live Karaoke) is karaoke performed with a live band."

Typically, your Bandeoke band will provide onscreen lyrics of your top tunes for you to follow – just like when you sing regular karaoke. The key difference, of course, is that they’ll be performing the track 100% live!

When you’re hiring professional musicians, nothing is out of the question in terms of song selection. All you need to perform anything from Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’ to Village People’s ‘YMCA’ to Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ is a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist, the occasional keys player, and a willing audience participant – which is where you and your guests come in.

Bandeoke bands will usually perform a few songs themselves to ease your shyer friends and family members in, but don’t worry: they’re usually spearheaded by a charismatic frontman or woman who’ll double up as an engaging MC. Once they’ve shown your pals the ropes, we guarantee they’ll be queuing up for their turn. The band will in most cases provide your backing vocals, but you’ll be more than welcome to bring your own backing singers up from the audience.

All Bandeoke bands use a full professional set up, including a PA and a lighting rig – so you’ll sound and look amazing when your guests capture your onstage debut on their phones (in no small part thanks to the generous selection of props, which usually includes wigs, bandanas, masks and air guitars!).

It’s Stars In Your Eyes meets a Star Is Born, with a little bit of Glastonbury thrown in for good measure, and your guests are going to love seeing you up their onstage just as much as they’re going to love doing a turn themselves.

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Bandeoke FAQs

How many songs will there be to choose from?

This varies from Bandeoke band to Bandeoke band, but rest assured the figure will be resting comfortably in the hundreds!

Do the Bandeoke bands take requests?

Many Bandeoke bands do take requests, though usually only in advance – after all, they’ll want time to perfect your favourite song, and this will give you time to practice it too!

How will I know when it’s my turn?

There will be a clearly marked out area at the start of the evening where you can write down your name and song choice, and the Bandeoke band’s lead singer/MC will call you up when it’s your time to shine.

Will I have the words in front of me?

Yes, just like with regular karaoke, your Bandeoke band will provide you with the lyrics to your chosen song. These will usually be displayed on an iPad or similar tablet with an autocue-style self-scrolling function.

What kind of event can I hire a Bandeoke band for?

Pretty much any! As long as there are plenty of guests eager for a moment in the spotlight and space at your event venue to accommodate the equipment (remember to allow for a drum kit, PA speakers and performance space), you can’t go wrong. Bandeoke bands are regulalrly booked for corporate events, birthday parties, and are a fantastic choice for couples looking to add some fun wedding entertainment to their big day.

How long will the Bandeoke band perform for?

On average, the same as a regular function band – 2 longer sets, each 45-60 minutes in lengths, or 3 shorter sets, depending on your preference.