50 Quirky Wedding Ideas for the Offbeat Bride & Groom

50 Quirky Wedding Ideas for the Offbeat Bride & Groom

Out-of-the-Box Wedding Ideas

Weddings are usually one of the happiest days of your life. Marrying your one true love and making your commitment to one another bound with rings and beautiful vows is enough to bring tears to anyone's eyes.

But what of the unconventional wedding couple who want something truly unique and memorable? After all, what better way to honour your true love than with a wedding that feels like so much more than just checking off the same boxes as everyone else?

In the market for unconventional wedding ideas? Search no further. This article will cover 50 quirky wedding ideas for offbeat spouses-to-be to guarantee that your wedding will stand out from the rest.

Start the Festivities Early

Planning your wedding doesn't always have to be an overwhelming and stressful experience where you worry for months over every meticulous detail. You can start implementing some unconventional wedding ideas before the ceremony begins. First up on our list are unconventional and quirky ideas to start your wedding right before the day arrives.

alternative wedding band
Unique and Unusual Wedding Music Acts

Quirky wedding entertainment that fits in perfectly with your big day.

1. Create a Colour Palette With Moodboard-Esque Invites

If you're big on aesthetics and colour coordination, you don't have to wait until the wedding to show off your taste. Choose a few colours for your wedding and send guests invites with one of your colour "mood boards".

Bonus: If you think your guests will go for it, you can take it up a notch and have them dress in matching shades at the ceremony. Your wedding–and your guests–will coordinate flawlessly.

2. Plan a Two-Dress Surprise

Who says that you can only have one dream dress? Brides can say yes to two dresses and make a surprise swap between the wedding and the reception to wow guests.

3. Shoe Notes for Your Wedding Party

Show your wedding party that you appreciate their work by sending a sign of love that might take them a minute to find. Writing a short note on the bottom of your wedding party's shoes is a sweet sign of thanks to the ones who helped you make this day possible–and something they can look back on fondly.

Wedding bus

4. Plan Guest Transportation

You want your guests to be as comfortable as possible to keep everyone's spirits up on your special day. Why not consider splurging and preparing guest transportation between your ceremony and reception? And if your guests stay in a hotel, consider having shuttles at the night's end.

5. Add Old Photos to Your Invitations

Your wedding invitations can say much about who you and your partner are and how you've grown together. Why not add childhood photos to show your growth? You can also consider putting in early pictures of you and your partner as a couple to show how far you've come in your relationship.

6. Prepare Hair and Makeup Services

All of your guests want to look their best for your special celebration. It may be nice to provide optional hair and makeup services for your guests that want to go the extra mile!

7. Show Some Love With Unique Gifts for the Wedding Party

Your wedding party will play a massive role in how smoothly everything goes on the wedding day. Look for unique, personalised gifts to show them your love. Personalised wine glasses with a special thank you note, cute gifts for their zodiac signs, or anything else that shows your appreciation is the perfect gift.

8. Carve Wedding Invites

Going all out with wedding invites is a must for crafty couples. Consider giving your invites a rustic feel and have each message carved onto a small slab of wood.

Message in a bottle

9. Hidden Messages in Invitations

If you want to give your invites a quirky twist, consider including a secret message hidden in your invites. Though it might sound challenging, there are ways to include hidden messages in your invitations. Some brides and grooms print a unique pattern with a small cellophane magnifying glass that reveals a secret message to your guests when held above the pattern.

10. Ask Guests to Bring Their Favourites

Who says you have to leave all of the food to the caterers? If your guests have recipes that everyone will love, consider asking them to bring their shareable snacks at the reception. Whether it's homemade cookies, cupcakes, pizza, or anything else a guest is notorious for, this personal touch will bring everyone together to make your day special.

DIY wedding flowers

Get Unconventional for Your Ceremony

The fun doesn't have to start at the reception. There are plenty of ways to make your wedding ceremony equally memorable and exciting as your reception–and we've compiled a list of our favourite ways to start the night off on the right foot.

11. Home-Grown Wedding Flowers

Your wedding should be all about you and your spouse-to-be. While many brides like to splurge on beautiful bouquets (and we can't blame them!), consider making your day more intimate by growing your flowers before the ceremony.

Growing your own flowers is a perfect idea for anyone who enjoys gardening or is an avid nature lover. When you carry these down the aisle or see your partner walking down with your flowers in their hands, you'll feel an extra spark of joy for this personalised touch.

12. Walk Down a Candlelit Aisle

Make your ceremony elegant and stunning with a candlelit walkway. If your wedding is at a location that has a wide aisle, consider lining the aisle with beautiful tea candles and mason jar candles. And for couples worried about the candles getting out of hand, no worries–faux candles light up perfectly too!

Bride in trainers

13. Comfortable Shoes Under Your Dress

Looking fabulous on your wedding day doesn't mean you must be uncomfortable the whole time. If you hate the idea of spending hours in painful heels, go outside the box and wear comfortable sneakers or flats. The outfit will cover your feet with the right dress, and no one will know the difference!

14. Fancy Handkerchief Box

No one is safe from the wedding day tears. You and your partner might be ready to cry, but some guests forget to come prepared. To solve this problem, create a sweet, decorative handkerchief box with unique designs or stitched-on messages. Not only will you help your guests dry the happy tears, but you'll give them a sweet memory to take home.

15. A Scroll of Wedding Vows

Personalising your wedding vows is the first step to making your ceremony one for the books. Tears are sure to flow if you and your spouse write your vows–but why not go further and incorporate them into your decorations? A large scroll of your vows hung on the wall and rolling out onto the floor where you say the words to your partner gives your ceremony a dreamy, magical feeling.

Bonus: Add an extra flair to this unconventional wedding idea by having the vows inked onto the scroll by hand. Is your fiancee up for a few calligraphy lessons?

16. Walk Down the Aisle With Fun Music

Wedding ceremonies can be funny and lighthearted if that's the vibe you and your partner are trying to achieve. Enthral your guests with quirky, fun music as you walk down the aisle - you can even have live musicians playing your favourite movie theme!

17. Walk Down the Aisle With Your Partner

Traditional weddings will have parents walking their children down the aisle, but that doesn't mean your wedding has to be this way. A gentle and loving touch you can add to your wedding is walking down the aisle with your partner by your side, entering your future hand in hand.

18. Flower Grandma

The flower girl is a classic part of the wedding ceremony, but for those of you that want to mix things up and show some love to your grandma, you can have her take the place of a younger flower girl. A flower grandma is just as unique and fantastic as the traditional flower girl!

wedding dog

19. Get Your Pets Involved

If you want to forgo the wedding party, give someone else the chance to carry the rings down the aisle, or have a truly unique ceremony, get your pets involved in the fun! Dogs are great members of the wedding party and have an adorable touch to make the day special.

20. Keep Your Venue Unique

If you're going for quirky wedding ideas, you can mix things up by having your ceremony at an inventive and unusual location. Think of a place that represents what you and your partner love, and consider having the ceremony there if you have permission.

For instance, some people get married at the zoo, others go for expensive historical sights, and some go all out and make their wedding an outdoor mountain adventure. Whatever you choose for your ceremony, what matters is that it has meaning for you and your spouse.

21. Blend the Genders in Your Wedding Party

Traditionally, wedding parties are strictly for bridesmaids and groomsmen. However, this is your day, and your wedding party should have the people you care about most, regardless of gender. Consider blending the genders in your wedding party. There's no need to leave the girls to the bride and the boys to the groom–what matters is who you love.

wedding signpost

22. Have a Wedding Map

If your wedding venue is a bit more unique than the traditional chapel, you can give it a quirky touch by having wooden, hand-painted signs directing your guests to where they should go for the ceremony and reception. You want everyone to be there for your special day, so it's essential to ensure everyone knows where they're heading!

23. Film Over Digital

Give your wedding photos a vintage touch by choosing to shoot on film instead of digital. The pictures might take longer to develop but could be ten times as stunning.

24. Remember Lost Loved Ones

There may be people you've lost that you wish could have been present for your special day. A minor in memoriam is a great way to honour these people. Consider including photos of your loved ones inside a wedding brochure or taking a moment to acknowledge them during the ceremony.

25. Wear a Personalised Veil

Give your veil a unique touch by having it personalised and stitched. Consider stitching letters into your veil, such as your initials and your spouse's, your shared last name (if you choose one), or the date of your wedding. Including a unique message makes your veil a beautiful memento of this wonderful day.

wedding quote at ceremony

26. Decorate Chairs With Your Favourite Love Quotes

We all have those romantic quotes that play in our minds now and again. For couples, these quotes are often symbolic of their relationship. If you and your spouse-to-be have favourite romantic sayings, you can use these quotes as an added touch to your ceremony.

For instance, you can decorate an elegant slip of paper with your favourite quotes and place them in the chairs or pews where guests sit. You can also include quotes in a wedding brochure, have them on the wall, or place them on a message board outside the ceremony.

27. Release a Wish Lantern

Looking for a little extra flair of magic? Writing down your wishes and releasing a wish lantern at a nighttime ceremony is a beautiful symbol of your marriage. When you release this lantern, you set your wishes for the future free and accept the beauty of this new chapter in your life and all that is to come.

28. Have Guests Bless the Rings

Your wedding day is unique because you celebrate with guests that love and support you and your spouse. For smaller, intimate ceremonies, consider having the rings passed around in a box, with each guest giving their blessing for your marriage. While it might not be ideal for more extensive guest lists, ring blessing is a precious moment if your guest list isn't too long.

male officiant wedding

29. Have a Friend Officiate

You might have heard about how easy it is to get certified for officiating weddings. With a quick online search, you can find the steps to having one of your friends officiate the ceremony. Having your friend or family member marry you is a beautiful, touching experience that will always be a happy memory.

30. Make it a Surprise

This suggestion is for the truly adventurous couples that don't just want their wedding to be a celebration but want to surprise everyone with a sudden ceremony. Some brides and grooms throw a fancy "family party" to gather all their loved ones together before revealing the true purpose of the gathering: a surprise wedding!

Go All-Out at the Reception

Let's face it: your reception is the part of your wedding that many guests look forward to celebrating the most. Whether you want your reception to be an all-out party or an unconventionally elegant occasion, we've listed some of the best ideas to end the night with a bang.

31. Get Quirky Live Music

Mix it up with some quirky live music! While you can also have some fun with a DJ and your favourite playlists, going one step further with an unconventional wedding band can add a unique, personal touch to your celebration.

Bonus: Consider branching out beyond the typical violins and pianos with some fun, zanier instruments! Hurdy gurdies, anyone?

31. Have a Wedding Piñata

A wedding piñata full of messages from your guests or small, unbreakable knick-knacks can bring everyone together on this special day. You and your spouse can have a moment of celebration where guests watch you try to open up the piñata and celebrate your reaction when you see all of the love inside.

33. Make a Reception Hashtag

Your marriage is a celebration and deserves to be treated as such. You can spread the word on social media and create a hashtag where your guests can post their pictures, videos, and memories.

A wedding hashtag exclusive to your guests is the perfect solution to having to contact individual guests after the wedding, asking them to send their pictures and videos. A hashtag will place all your memories in a single, accessible place.

pile of books as wedding decor

34. Use Book as a Centrepiece

Does love of literature bind you and your spouse-to-be? Do you have books with some of your favourite love quotes? Or do you love the look of a vintage book lying on the table? Whatever the case is, using books as a centrepiece is elegant and gorgeous. You can place battery-powered tealight candles on top in small glass jars for an even more elegant touch.

35. Have a Bounce House

Make your reception a real party with fun activities like a bouncy house. There's nothing more fun than kicking off your uncomfortable wedding shoes, donning some socks, and stepping inside to have a quick jump and play. You and your guests are sure to have a blast.

vintage cassette recorder

36. Keep an Audio Guestbook

Some couples have a guestbook full of photos from a photo booth or notes that guests leave the happily married couple. However, you can put a unique spin on the traditional guestbook by having a small recording device where guests can leave audio messages congratulating you and sharing their love. When you listen to the messages later, you're sure to shed some happy tears at the beautiful memories.

37. Faux Wedding Cake

Many couples want their wedding cake to be elegant, stunning, and intricate. Going all out and paying a decorator to put their heart and soul into designing your cake is well worth the effort, but it can be a bit of a disappointment when you finally cut into the cake.

Many couples are starting to have faux wedding cakes designed for this reason. Designers can make a cake identical to the one you want that you keep on display at your wedding while pieces of the actual sheet cake are stored away until it's time to feast.

38. Offer Menus at the Reception

Many weddings require guests to pick from a list of a few meals long before the actual event. While this is practical for many receptions, you can switch things up and expand your menu. Offering an actual menu to your guests gives more variety and options for your attendees.

If you're worried about running out of meals, consider this option if you are having a smaller celebration. Hundreds of guests might make this a bit tricky for the caterers, but with a tinier party, you can easily offer variety.

wedding cocktails

39. Show Off Signature Drinks

Do you and your spouse-to-be each have a favourite cocktail? You can make your wedding special by featuring your favourites on the cocktail menus and naming the drinks after yourself. Show your guests what you're all about–it's your special day!

Bonus: For a really quirky wedding idea, craft some unique cocktails named after your guests. What a fun surprise!

40. Travel Suggestions Box

Whether or not you have a honeymoon destination locked in, you and your spouse can plan travel for a lifetime ahead. Consider having a suggestion box where guests can write their favourite travel destinations.

41. Set Up Arcade Games

If you want your reception to be all fun and games, go all out and make it a literal arcade. You can incorporate classic arcade video games, board games, and anything else you cherish into your wedding reception or in a separate room at your reception.

42. Have a Couples Quiz

How well do your guests know you? Find out by having a fun, lighthearted couples quiz at your reception, where the highest scores get a memorable memento to cherish after the reception.

wedding cupcakes

43. Single-Serve Wedding Cakes

Everyone wants a slice of cake–or two, or three. We don't judge. But how wonderful would it be to give everyone their own small, unique wedding cake? Miniature cakes can make your guests feel special and give a variety of flavours to the pickier eaters at your celebration.

44. Make a Time Capsule

Your reception should be a night you'll never forget, and one of the best ways to ensure that you don't forget it is by making a time capsule at the reception. Guests can offer you small messages or trinkets to put into your capsule, and you can also include things like a petal from your bouquet or a small decoration from your centrepiece to complete the capsule.

45. Live Wedding Painting

Make your reception unique and memorable by having a professional artist come and make a live painting of you and your spouse. Whether you pose for the painting or have the artist get inspired to paint a moment like your first dance, a live wedding painting is a perfect memory and decoration for your home.

46. Visit From the Ice Cream Truck

Everyone loves the sound of the ice cream truck approaching. Make your reception fun and tasty by having a trip from the ice cream man with all of your favourite kinds of frozen sweets!

drag queen

47. Drag Show Entertainment

If you want a fun night where everyone can party, consider hosting a drag show for your leading entertainment. Drag superstars know how to make your reception fun, lighthearted, and memorable.

48. Bells for the Newlyweds Kiss

Instead of waiting for the barely noticeable sound of a fork gently tapping the glass, you can give your wedding a vintage edge by having a rustic bell that someone rings to announce your newlywed kiss. The bell can be an excellent decoration that adds to your wedding theme.

49. Private Dance to End the Night

At the end of the reception, when your guests have gone, you can have a unique, private dance with your spouse. While the first dance for your guests is beautiful, an end-of-night private moment with the love of your life is intimate, beautiful, and a tear-jerker.

50. Or Make it a Weekend

Your wedding doesn't have to end at the reception. If you want to go all out with your partying, you and your guests can stay in a location with sufficient lodging and make your wedding day a wedding weekend. It's your moment–go all out!