30+ Incredible Wedding Bands with Saxophone

30+ Incredible Wedding Bands with Saxophone

Invented in the 1840s by Belgian instrument maker, Adolphe Sax, the Saxophone has transcended its original classical roots to become an essential part of the modern bandleader’s arsenal.

From ragtime and jazz to soul, pop, hip-hop and Ibiza dance classics, the trusty sax has consistently weaved its way into every genre imaginable.

The majority of wedding bands are made up of the core instruments such as guitar, keys, bass and drums but beyond this, sax is by far the most popular request, especially for larger line-ups. But what makes this instrument such an incredible tour de force in the world of live wedding bands?

Wedding Bands with Horn Section

Whilst sax can add variety, melody and visual interest all on its own, the saxophone really comes to life when joined by its close allies, the trumpet and trombone, to create a full-blown, roof-raising horn section.

A horn section (or brass section) is a fantastic addition to a whole range of live wedding bands, from swing and soul bands to modern pop and R&B. Together, the rich harmonies they form create an explosive rhythmic sound that’s certain to get your wedding guests in the party mood.

Looking to hire a wedding band with sax or brass section? At Bands For hire we represent a huge roster of party bands in every style imaginable. Check out some of our recommended wedding bands below and get in touch for a quote.

Sax DJ

The saxophonist is undoubtedly the most popular instrumentalist to pair with a DJ and has unintentionally become the sound of Ibiza's music scene.

From Cafe del Mar chillout music to massive dance anthems, the saxophone is a prominent instrument in club classics such as The Girl by Cookin' On 3 Burners or Jubel by Klingande and Take You There by Essel.

The saxophone is the perfect instrument for recreating those summer beach vibes. Offering chillout sets during drinks receptions or full-on Ibizia clubhouse sets to host the ultimate party, the sax / DJ combo is by far the most popular. If you're working on a budget, you'll also find solo saxophonists offering a similar service playing along with professional backing tracks.

We represent several sax players and sax / DJ combos who are professionals at bringing the sunshine to your event. Browse our roster below and get in touch for more info.

Wedding Saxophonists

Creating the perfect backdrop for your wedding day is no easy task, but if there's one element to focus on, it's without a doubt the music.

The saxophone is worth considering if you want something cool and chilled out. The timbre of this instrument helps it cut through without being over the top, making it the ideal choice for a drinks reception or the wedding breakfast.

We have a number of professional sax players who cover a range of music to suit your wedding day, from jazz, soul & classical to funk, chillout and pop.