Wedding DJ Prices: How Much Does a DJ Cost?

Wedding DJ Prices: How Much Does a DJ Cost?

In this article, we look at the various factors that can affect the price of a wedding DJ. From the DJ's level of experience and years in the business to travel expenses and time spent on site, many details contribute to the overall cost of a wedding DJ.

What is the average cost of a wedding DJ?

At Bands For Hire, we book professional DJs for hundreds of weddings each year. We looked into our data and found that the average price of a wedding DJ in 2022 was £625.

This is based on an average 5 hour period of DJ sets during the evening reception and includes all travel costs and equipment such as sound system and disco lighting.

It's important to remember that there are varying degrees of professionalism in the wedding industry, so quotes from local DJs will vary enormously. At Bands For Hire, we've worked hard to build a roster of DJs that are top of their game, which will reflect in our data.

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Wedding DJ Hire Price Points

Below are three price points to demonstrate what type of DJ service you can expect to hire for your entertainment budget:


If you're working with a limited budget, you may find local wedding discos in your area for £250-£300. Whilst at the low end of the price spectrum, this could be for several reasons. For example, many young wedding DJs starting out may offer competitive rates to increase their bookings and gain experience. Many wedding DJs work part-time and will happily play the occasional wedding at a lower fee to supplement their income.


At this price point, you should be able to find a professional wedding DJ with solid experience. Your DJ package will typically cover everything you need for your evening party, giving you confidence that your wedding entertainment is in good hands.


As you increase your budget, there's room to extend the hours spent at your wedding venue, add live musicians to the performance or hire additional services for an additional cost. For example:

  • Extra lighting equipment
  • Dance floor
  • Silent disco
  • PA speakers for different rooms
  • Ceremony music / Daytime background music
  • Wedding breakfast playlist
  • Light-up letters
  • Wireless microphones for speeches
  • Ambient mood lighting

At this budget, you may also like to consider specialist DJs, such as a DJ with vinyl records, an authentic Ibiza DJ, or even an electro-swing DJ to give your wedding day a vibrant vintage twist.

What affects the price of wedding DJs?

Now that we've looked at the average wedding DJ cost let's explore what other factors can affect the price.

Experience of the DJ

It goes without saying that an experienced DJ will charge more for their services than a beginner. As DJs build up a strong reputation, they naturally become more in demand, which will often lead to an increase in fees.

A professional DJ with experience will know how to read the crowd and steer the music in the right direction at the appropriate times. They'll also be comfortable and personable on the microphone, guiding your guests to the dancefloor, announcing the first dance and transitioning the playlist through the evening reception seamlessly.


As the price of your wedding DJ increases, you can expect the quality of the equipment to increase. A DJ with years in the business will have built up a professional PA and lighting rig to increase the production value of their set.

You might ask your DJ what equipment they'll provide to better understand the service on offer. Does the DJ have high-end speakers? Will they provide bass bins if required? What lighting will they provide on the day?

It's also worth bearing in mind that specialist DJs, such as Ibiza/club DJs may not provide any equipment at all and expect this to be provided at the venue on the day.

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Seasonal prices

When choosing your wedding date, the time of the year and the day of the week are two important factors to consider. Wedding suppliers often charge a premium for peak summer Saturdays, meaning you can bag yourself a bargain if booking a DJ on a weekday or off-season winter date.

Travel Expense

If you're working to a budget, we recommend searching for wedding DJs in your local area. As 2022 fuel costs continue to spiral, DJs and suppliers will have to pass their travel costs on to couples.

If travelling, the DJ may also need to consider the hours spent driving to and from your wedding venue.

Arrival Time / Finish time

As standard, most DJs will quote based on a 5:30/6pm arrival and midnight finish. With set up taking approximately an hour, this gives them plenty of time to load in their gear and be ready for the start of your evening wedding reception.

If you need your DJ to set up before the wedding breakfast or finish after midnight, the extra hours on site will need to be considered by the DJ when quoting.

Length of Set / Performance time

Most DJs offer about five hours of music as standard, but you can extend this to suit your requirements. Adding extra hours to the set will increase the overall cost of your wedding DJ, so always mention this in your initial enquiries.

DIY Playlist: Do we even need a wedding DJ?

With modern streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, you can of course create your own DIY wedding entertainment to save money on a wedding DJ. If budget is a primary factor, this may be a good option for you, but there are some things to consider before making your decision.

  • Does your wedding venue provide a PA system? You'll need a suitable sound system and lighting rig to create a party atmosphere (and no, your hi-fi won't be loud enough!). If you don't have access to these, you'll need to hire them locally.
  • Who will be in charge of the music on the night? You'll need to assign a member of the party to queue up important wedding songs such as your first dance, father and daughter dance and last song of the evening.
  • A playlist left to run on auto-mode can lead to guests choosing the music themselves, cutting off songs halfway through and generally creating a disjointed atmosphere.
  • When choosing your wedding playlist, avoid picking only your favourite songs, as this could lead to an empty dance floor. Consider the age range of your guests and try to incorporate songs to get all your guests dancing. You'll need everything from classic oldies to modern chart hits, including a selection of songs from various genres.

With an ever-expanding to-do list, creating a wedding playlist can be stressful and may well be something to avoid. By hiring a DJ, you can leave the evening in their capable hands and thoroughly enjoy your first night as a newlywed!

How much does it cost to add live musicians to the DJ set?

If your budget is flexible, mixing live musicians into the DJ set has become a popular wedding trend.

Known as 'DJ Live' acts, you can add any number of musicians to the mix, from a sax player, violinist or percussionist to a live guitarist or singer. Costs vary, but on average, it costs about £300-£600 per additional musician.

If you're deciding whether to choose a wedding band or DJ for your wedding day, a talented DJ/Sax combo or DJ Live act could be the perfect compromise. Bringing the high-energy element of a live band with all the flexibility of a wedding DJ, it's a fantastic and unique way to create an unforgettable party atmosphere.

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How much does a Silent Disco cost?

If your wedding venue has strict sound limitations, or you're planning on taking the party deep into the early hours, a silent disco could be just the ticket.

A silent disco involves guests wearing provided headphones synced to a party playlist. The playlist can either be streamed directly from your device or provided by a professional DJ; the choice is yours.

Prices for a silent disco start at £300 if providing your own playlist, with the price of the DJ on top if you choose to take this route. You can find out more about our silent wedding disco packages here.

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