24 Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

24 Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

A microphone squeaks sharply, and the crowd goes quiet. Someone clears their throat and announces the arrival of the bride and groom. You take a breath to steady the butterflies in your stomach, step onto the dancefloor, and...

You're met with the sound of tinny, canned audio through an amateur sound system. Clearly, you didn't start your wedding planning process with these top questions to ask your wedding DJ!

Don't let your wedding entertainment experience become a nightmare. Ask these 24 critical questions in advance, and you'll know you're hiring an experienced professional with the knowledge and intuition to keep the party going.

Read on to discover everything you need to know when researching wedding DJ options.

1. What's Your Background and Experience?

When enquiring with DJs, consider it a job interview. It may feel like a strange reversal, but you're the one doing the hiring! It's appropriate to ask your DJ about their background and experience with DJing weddings or similar events.

Consider reading online reviews to see what others have said about their service and professionalism.

2. Is Our Wedding Date Available?

Most couples begin the planning process by booking a venue. You'll want your tentative date before you start talking to vendors like DJs and wedding musicians.

The decision gets much easier if the DJ you're talking to isn't available on your date! If you like their style, you can ask if they have any recommendations for another professional who may have the date open.

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3. Do You Have Any Experience at Our Venue?

Sound design is a science, and every venue offers unique challenges regarding audio and acoustics. Some venues have a designated dance floor, while others might have a flexible layout depending on the size of your event. Ask if your DJ has performed at your venue before, which can help you determine if they're familiar with the strengths and challenges of the space.

It's always a treat when a DJ has an existing relationship with your venue. They'll know all the little secrets, like where to find the outlets and set up the speakers for the best audio experience.

4. Can You Tell Us About Your Style?

DJs do more than press the play button and walk away! They're artists with styles and preferences, and some may specialise in a particular genre or even in music for weddings. Ask about your DJ's style to better understand what your wedding reception might sound and feel like.

If you don't know much about music, pay attention to their sense of passion. If it's clear they really care about their work, you know you've found a winner!

5. Do You Offer Any Other Services, Such as Lighting or Mics?

DJs come with a lot of gear, and some of them get excited about all kinds of party tech, from theatrical lighting to fog machines. Ask if they supply any extras to add a celebratory atmosphere to your reception. You may want to ask if they can arrive early and provide wireless mics for the speeches (which can make a big difference, depending on the size and acoustics of your venue.)

6. Do You Offer DJ Live Sets to include a Sax Player?

Many DJs work closely with a network of musicians and can offer sets featuring a combination of DJing and live musicians. If you're not yet sure whether to book a wedding DJ or a band, a DJ Live set is the perfect halfway point appealing to guests young and old. Find out if this is something on offer and what the additional costs are.

7. Can You Make Song Suggestions? Do You Have a Go-to List?

You'll need to choose a few memorable songs for different components of your reception, from your grand entrance to the first dance. An experienced DJ will likely have suggestions for pieces that work.

Likewise, they may have a list of popular reception music to help get you started. Sometimes it's easier to start with a tried and trusted setlist and make revisions. A great DJ should make your job easier, not harder!

8. Are You Also an Emcee?

Weddings of all sizes can benefit from a Master of Ceremonies (or emcee) to ensure that transitions are clean and the crowd stays energetic and enthusiastic. Often, a DJ will double as an emcee, jumping on the mic to encourage your guests to hit the dance floor. They can direct different components of the wedding and help move people from one area to another with transitional music, announcements, and giveaways.

Ask your DJ if they provide this service. If not, you may wish to hire a dedicated emcee. Ask if your DJ has recommendations.

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9. Do You Take Music Requests During Receptions?

Many event DJs are willing to take music requests from the crowd. While this can be a fun way to get the attendees involved, it can also lead to problems. You don't want your tipsy third cousin to dictate the entire evening's playlist and ostracise half your guests!

Ask if your DJ is willing to entertain a "do not play list." This is a list of host-provided songs that they won't play, even on request. They can be inappropriate songs or simply tunes you dislike.

10. What's Your Rate? What Does It Get Us?

Weddings are expensive endeavours, and asking about rates upfront makes decisions easier. Here are a few of the things you'll want to know before you commit to a wedding DJ:

  • How many hours does the rate include
  • Does the rate include the setup time
  • Does the rate include breakdown and clean up
  • Is there an extra fee for travel
  • What is the overtime policy
  • Can you add additional time
  • What is the minimum number of hours
  • What ISN'T included in the rate

Getting this information in writing, such as on a contract, is essential. Comparing DJ costs is part of the process, so don't feel the need to commit right away.

11. Do You Have Special Setup Requirements?

Some DJs are quite serious about their gear and may have special requirements. Ask if they require any special outlets. Communicate this with the venue early to ensure you have everything you need for a seamless setup on your wedding day.

12. What Type of Space Do You Need?

Likewise, DJs often bring along their own tables or DJ Booth. They know precisely how much space they'll need to get their setup up and running. Ensure your venue can accommodate this.

13. When Will You Arrive? How Long Will You Stay?

If your DJ works at your venue often, they may not need to arrive very early to set up. If they're new to the space, they'll probably need to perform a sound check, plus leave some time to address any technical issues. Ask when they plan to arrive, and clear this with your venue.

14. Will We Have a Consultation Closer to the Wedding?

Your wedding will feel very hypothetical until your house is full of favours, centrepieces, and RSVP cards! Ask if you can arrange a call or zoom meeting with your DJ closer to the event to hammer out the specifics. It can be easier to discuss your preferences once you have a clearer idea of how all the elements will fit together on the day.

15. What Will You Be Wearing at the Wedding?

Most DJs have standard attire, depending on the type of event. If you'd like them to dress up in a specific style, ask if they'd be willing. This can make or break your party's aesthetic, especially if you have a theme.

16. Do You Require a Meal at the Event?

Your hardworking DJ will be there as long as your guests—often longer if you include set up and breakdown time. Most professional DJs and musicians request that a meal and soft drinks are provided on the day. If this is the case, find out in advance so you can plan, order, and budget appropriately.

17. Do You Require Liability Insurance?

All DJs require Public Liability Insurance and should have their equipment regularly PAT tested. Ask about this upfront to avoid surprises.

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18. What Happens When You Take Breaks?

DJs are human and may need breaks during the event to hit the loos, grab a drink of water, or stretch their legs. Ask about how many breaks they expect to take and what happens during those breaks.

19. What Happens if You're Ill on the Day of the Wedding?

Emergencies happen, and good event planning involves anticipating these occurrences and planning ahead. Ask if your DJ has a backup plan in the case of illness or injury. If they've had emergencies in the past, what did they do?

20. Do You Have a Cancellation Policy?

Sometimes the emergency is on your end, not the DJ's. Does their contract include a cancellation policy? If not, ask about this and get it in writing.

21. Can You Work Alongside a Live Band?

If music is important to you, you might want both a DJ and a live band at your wedding. It's a wonderful way to add a sense of liveness and vivacity to any event. You can often hire a live wedding band willing to DJ between sets so the music never stops or gets stale.

22. Will You Honor Our Special Requests?

Some couples have "a song" they want to use for a first dance or special moment. Ask if your DJ can play music that isn't in their regular rotation. Their flexibility can tell you a lot about how they work and how much they honour your vision.

23. Is There Anything Else We Should Know?

After asking all these questions, sometimes the only thing you don't know is what you don't know! Ask your DJ what other couples ordinarily ask or if you missed anything essential.

24. Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

You may be interviewing the DJ, but they ultimately decide whether to take the job. Finish your consultation by opening yourselves up to questions from the DJ. They may ask something that helps them provide you with an even better experience!

The Critical Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

Your wedding guests won't be able to focus on you without the hard workers on the periphery. Your DJ is one of the most critical players, creating the soundtrack for the best day of your life. Begin your search with these essential questions to ask your wedding DJ and discover the professional who wants your festivities to succeed.

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