Wedding Entertainment For Kids: 15 Ideas to Keep the Little Ones Occupied

Wedding Entertainment For Kids: 15 Ideas to Keep the Little Ones Occupied

If you're getting married, the odds are that many of your friends are having children. When the time comes to send out your wedding invitations, will those children be welcome at your celebration?

While your guest list is entirely your choice, excluding children from your big day will likely exclude many parents and caregivers. Opening your celebration up to guests of all ages means no one will have to sit out due to difficulties finding childcare.

You can't simply let the little ones run wild, however! The best and most inclusive parties offer some form of wedding entertainment for kids. Busy kids are happy kids, and happy kids ensure that every guest gets to let loose and have a fabulous time at your reception!

Do you know how to keep children entertained at weddings? We've put together this list of easy, fun ways to keep children busy, stave off tantrums, and ensure you can get hitched without a hitch!

Keep reading to learn about our fifteen favourite entertainment ideas for kids at weddings!

Giant garden games

Great Garden Games

If you're lucky enough to have outdoor space at your venue, use it to engage kids and adults alike! Consider renting a few oversized garden games for kids and set them up in your green spaces. Cornhole, giant Connect Four, and giant Jenga will keep their minds and bodies busy for hours!

Tire Them Out With Dancing

Did you know that babies are born with a natural sense of rhythm? Even the youngest children can't help but dance when they hear music playing! If you bring in a fun wedding band, your little guests will flock to the dance floor, eager to bust a move!

When the band rocks up, the youngest guests will be the first to hit the dance floor. This can work to your advantage, as adult guests will feel less reluctant to join in and dance!

A Kids Menu

If you've spent any time with kids, you'll know how often they ask for a snack! Having kid-friendly options at your cocktail hour can keep kids occupied for longer than you might expect. A few familiar, easily palatable options can balance out the fancier offerings geared toward adults.

It can also be fun to include a few colourful "mocktails" at the bar. These drinks are child-friendly and don't exclude sober adult guests. Serve them with a fun twisty or colour-changing straw, and every child will fall in love!

Finally, ensure there's at least one child-friendly option on your wedding menu. If kids look forward to the main course, they'll stay in their seats while their parents enjoy the meal. A few plates of fish fingers can make a world of difference!

Choose a Kid-Friendly DJ

A great DJ knows how to run a dance floor. They can read the mood in the room, adjust the playlist to suit the moment, and keep the energy up. If you have kids at your wedding, you'll also want to hire a DJ who knows how to keep the wee ones busy!

Often, DJs can incorporate props and giveaway items to keep the dance floor exciting and fun. They might bring out inflatable instruments, glowsticks, hats, sunglasses, or even pom-poms! When the DJ engages the youngest guests, they'll be busy dancing until it's time to go home.

Childrens party tent

Curate a Kids-Only Area

If you'd like to put some space between the children and your adult guests, consider creating a dedicated quiet space for little ones. You can make it more engaging by including a tent, canopy, clubhouse, or other kid-friendly structure. Fill it with books, a colouring area, a few cushions, and maybe even a television.

Once the kids go inside, they'll be so taken by the exclusive space that they won't want to come out!

Create Kid Kits

If you only have a few children attending your wedding, you can gear your children's wedding entertainment toward those guests! Create a little "kid kit" that children can use when they're expected to sit still. You might include picture books, puzzle games, stickers, a small craft activity, or an activity book.

Each kit can be ready and waiting for the child at their seat. Make sure the tasks are simple, age-appropriate and that the kids can complete them independently.

Kids entertainment

Offer a Children's Creche

If you have many younger children in attendance, you might consider setting up a dedicated children's creche with a qualified nanny on hand. Parents won't have to worry about their children, as they'll be fully supervised during the event. Make sure the space has enough toys and activities to keep children occupied and allow parents to pop in any time they'd like!

Hire a Dedicated Children's Performer

If you have the space, why not bring in a performer geared toward children? Bring in a magician, party clown, or children's singer to delight the kids. They'll know exactly how to keep young ones engaged while the adults enjoy their own entertainment.

Offer Crafts

Some of our favourite kids' wedding activities are the crafty sort. Set up an area where children can get creative using simple art supplies. They might create wedding cards, decorate a little cake, or create a tissue paper wedding bouquet.

If you prefer a lower-maintenance approach, consider setting up a simple colouring-in area. Set out some crayons, markers, art pencils, and a few colouring books. Kids who love colouring-in will stay put for hours!

Provide Disposable Cameras

In the age of Smartphones, a disposable camera is a fascinating relic. Give each child a camera and allow them to play! Leave a basket where they can return them at the end of the party, then have them developed.

You'll love taking a glimpse at your wedding through the eyes of a child! They might even capture a few beautiful moments that the adults missed!

kids blowing bubbles at wedding

Blowing Bubbles

Little children find bubbles captivating and will love blowing their own. Provide an outdoor space for bubble blowing, or set up a bubble machine where little ones can pop bubbles to their heart's content.

Show a Film

At the end of the night, once kids start getting tired, it can be helpful to set up an area where they can relax and watch a familiar movie. Rent a projector and, if possible, project it onto an outside wall. The kids can sit out on blankets under the stars and enjoy some treats while the adults continue to party.

Children's Photo Area

Give a child a smartphone, and they'll spend most of that time taking selfies from odd and unflattering angles. Instead, why not set up a children's photo area where they can dress up and snap pictures all night? Include exciting props and dress-up clothes and watch as the kids choreograph compelling photographic compositions.

wedding sweets

Set Up a Sweets Bar

A Viennese table is a popular addition to the modern wedding, but the selection of rich desserts comes late in the evening. You can incorporate a kid-friendly sweets bar earlier in the day so the children can enjoy a sweet treat! Children can make their own "pick and mix" candy bag and enjoy nibbling on sweets throughout the event.

You can use a sweets bar rental company or gather some sweets and set up your own DIY sugar bar. Don't be surprised when the adults catch sight of it and help themselves to some treats!

An Entertainment Truck

Many companies offer "entertainment trucks" that can park on the venue property. They are kid-friendly vehicles decked out with the latest video games. They are safe, self-contained spaces where older kids and teens can disappear for ages.

You won't need to give up any of your event space to keep the kids entertained. It might be difficult to convince them to come back inside for the wedding cake!

The Best Wedding Entertainment for Kids

If you want to throw a truly inclusive, welcoming wedding, you can't exclude the youngest guests. The best way to ensure that every attendee has a marvellous time is to incorporate engaging and appropriate wedding entertainment for kids. When the wee ones are busy, the adults can tear up the dance floor, enjoy a drink, and celebrate your love!

The best wedding entertainment for children and adults begins with a great modern wedding band or professional DJ. Bands For Hire can help you choose the music that will serve as the spectacular soundtrack for your special celebration. Contact us today to find the band that will bring your nuptials to the next level.