Top 10 Wedding Breakfast Entertainment Ideas

Top 10 Wedding Breakfast Entertainment Ideas

In the 17th century, the wedding breakfast was how newlyweds broke their fast at the end of a Eucharist church service. Today, there are plenty of other reasons why it might be a while before that glorious wedding meal arrives at the table. With no sermon to listen to, it's up to you to keep your guests busy and distract them from the sound of their rumbling stomachs!

One way to keep guests of all ages happy is to provide wedding breakfast entertainment as the crowd waits for their marvellous meal. Often, this means bringing in a simple activity or musical act to help pass the time and add a sense of spectacle to the affair. The entertainment you choose can help set the tone and create the atmosphere that will propel you through the entire event.

We've gathered ten of our favourite wedding entertainment ideas, including something original to match the timbre of all your wildest wedding themes. From small musical ensembles to DIY diversions, your guests won't have time to get bored on your big day.

Read on to discover these dynamic wedding breakfast ideas so you can book early and ensure your celebration goes off without a hitch.

1. Surprise Them With Singing Waiters

Do you remember flash mobs? They were the hit of the early aughts, in which groups of undercover performers would burst into song and dance in a public location, surprising anyone in the vicinity. You can harness the power of surprise by including a few sneaky singing waiters among your reception staff.

The shock of a sudden, unexpected performance makes this option a memorable spectacle that guests will be talking about long after the event is over. It's a funny, joyful, disorienting experience. Our singing waitstaff only consists of professional performers, so they'll put on a great show.

wedding magician

2. Wow Them With Table Magic

Just as there are many genres of music, there are also several genres of magic. While you may only be familiar with large-prop spectacle, such as a top-hat-wearing showman sawing a woman in half, many magic professionals work on a smaller scale. These roving "table magicians" will perform close-up magic that will shock and amaze each attendee.

You can bring in one wedding magician (or a few) to visit each table and create some wow-worthy moments. Their repertoire can range from card tricks to comedy to animal illusions. It's an unexpected way to add a sense of wonder to your event.

3. Set the Tone With a Wedding Pianist

A wedding pianist is a versatile performer who can singlehandedly set the tone of your event just by sitting down and striking the keys. You can use a pianist throughout your event, not just during the wedding breakfast. Many couples book a piano player to entertain guests during arrival, play the wedding ceremony, and even provide classy wedding music.

A wedding pianist will ensure the room is never silent, especially if you're hosting a chatty crowd. This gentle ambience helps make guests feel more comfortable talking and mingling. Those who'd rather sit quietly can enjoy the performance, which will be entertaining in its own right!

4. Add Some Pizzaz With a Jazz Band

While a pianist is fine if you want the buzz of conversation to predominate, there's nothing like jazz to inspire the sound of tapping feet! The ensemble you hire for your wedding breakfast entertainment doesn't need to be your primary wedding band. Many couples hire a small jazz ensemble to liven things up and get the crowd moving as they prepare to dig into the big meal.

You can expect dancing, mingling, and singing along to the standards once the jazz band takes the stage. These performers will keep spirits and energy high and propel everyone through the event without a pause. Even a jazz soloist can help keep things lively while the masses await their meal.

Kids wedding

5. Keep Little Hands Busy

While adult guests enjoy live musical performances and table chat, young attendees need something more structured to keep them happy. That's why we always recommend providing young wedding guests with a table setting or gift bag full of colouring supplies and activities. These can be available on a dedicated children's table or even used as a child's table number or place setting.

Remember, even your youngest guests will be wearing their finest party clothes, so it's best to keep materials simple and clean. Crayons are a washable hit. For something novel, you might consider adding a set of watercolour paints or a mess-free magic ink set.

6. Provide a Touch of Class With a String Quartet

If you've dreamed of a fairytale wedding, the right music can help you create a classy, cultured vibe with little effort. Many brides feel like royalty when the sound of a gifted string quartet is playing in the background. Your guests will imagine they're attending a palace banquet when the string musicians play for them as they await their wedding breakfast.

If you're operating with a smaller budget or in a smaller venue, consider a string trio or duo for your wedding breakfast guest entertainment. There's no need to limit yourself to classical music, either. Many quartets have an extensive repertoire, including pop favourites taken from the charts.

Wedding Favours

7. Start the Conversation With Wedding Favours

Never underestimate your guest's ability to entertain themselves! After sitting through the wedding ceremony, they'll be eager to talk and engage with others. A carefully placed conversation starter can help smooth the process and keep everyone occupied.

For example, offer an interactive wedding favour, such as a table game or deck of cards. Few guests can resist a fun brain teaser or puzzle activity. Before long, they'll be challenging each other and flitting from table to table to ask about solutions and strategies.

You could do something similar by providing a conversation piece or two for guests to discuss. For example, include a poster featuring photos from your relationship and invite guests to guess the year each was taken. You might even offer prizes for the guest who guesses the most correctly.

8. Create a Chill Vibe With an Acoustic Singer

While wedding singers perform in numerous genres, an acoustic singer can help set a relaxed tone and keep every guest in a positive headspace. You can help create the set list or leave it in the capable hands of your musician.

Ultimately, your musician's playlist can be as eclectic as you wish. Our professional guitarists and singers run the gamut from pop aficionados to folk legends. Guests will adore singing along to the intimate concert before they tuck into the long-awaited feast.

wedding crafts

9. Occupy Guests With Simple Crafts

Guests love to help you create lovely keepsakes from your big day. You can keep them busy and collect precious memories by preparing an interactive craft. Invite your friends and loved ones to contribute to a simple woven tapestry, add a thumbprint to a guest book, or add a wish to your wishing tree.

This activity will get everyone up and moving and provide novel entertainment during the wait. Of course, most of these tasks are quick, so we recommend hiring a musician or two to ensure everyone remains occupied before and after participating.


10. Make Art the Star With a Live Painter

A recent trend in wedding entertainment is hiring a live painter to create an oil or acrylic painting of your venue on your wedding day. It often takes these skilled artists hours to render the setting in full colour. Watching these professionals work can be fascinating, and many guests love to stand nearby and observe as artists work their magic.

Many wedding painters are also keen to hand over the brush and allow guests to contribute. These communal artworks are even more special once you know that your friends and loved ones have contributed their hands to the masterpiece. Guests will have a brilliant time, and you'll end the celebration with a stunning piece of art that you'll cherish forever.

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Don't Sleep on Wedding Breakfast Entertainment

While a wedding should be a party for the bride and groom, they sometimes become too busy to enjoy it! A little forethought can ensure the guests stay occupied and satisfied, even if the newlyweds get tied up on the big day. Booking wedding breakfast entertainment will keep the celebration streamlined, so there won't be a dull moment.

The fun begins when you book your preferred musical act. Our bands book up quickly, so we recommend reaching out today to enquire about dates and rates. We can't wait to help you create the soundtrack for the most important day of your life.