The Top Wedding Trends You'll See in 2022

The Top Wedding Trends You'll See in 2022

2020, and all it threw at us, wasn’t enough to stop love, engagements, and wedding celebrations. When it comes to the wedding trends for 2022, we can see things are different.

"Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to Love," wrote the Roman poet, Virgil. While the worldwide pandemic didn’t stop love from taking its natural course, and leading to weddings, it did affect how we go about celebrating.

Couples have adapted tradition to fit into our new reality, and love goes on regardless. They’re embracing new experiences, new design elements, and new ways of doing things. In the spirit of "surrendering to love as it conquers" the world’s troubles, let’s look at what's trending for weddings in 2022.

Styling That Is Simple, Elegant & Understated

We are expecting to see styling that is subtle and understated, yet sophisticated. Colours and tones will be natural and classic, with a hint of retro. Think terracotta, mustard and soft pink. Simple beauty and the love of friends and family will be the focus of many weddings!

wedding trends - decor

A Step Beyond Sanitising At The Door

As it currently stands, sanitising remains a must. A foot pedal-operated spray bottle at the door decorated to match the wedding decor gets the job done with minimum fuss. The other option is to designate a member of the wedding party to be on sanitising duty.

For some couples, neither of these are special enough.

A strong trend this year is to welcome each guest with an individual pack of hand sanitiser, a personalized wedding mask, a program of events and a take-home memento that would traditionally be part of the table setting. A welcome pack like this makes guests feel cared for, and safe to be part of a public gathering.

Budget Friendly Locations

If 2020 taught us one thing, it's to spend carefully. Budget-friendly can be beautiful with some clever planning and decorating. With a keen eye on the purse strings, bride-to-be's are opting for venues that won't break the bank.

Garden Weddings

If you've got a beautiful garden, consider having a marquee garden at your home (or your parents home if they'll abide!). You've got easy access to a kitchen and all the comforts of home, without having to spend a penny on venue hire.

outdoor wedding trends

Tying The Knot Outdoors

After a year of being cooped up inside, couples are heading outdoors to say their I do's. Nature provides exquisite backdrops, whether you opt for the beach, a lush vineyard, or the mystery and drama of the woods.

Couples are picking the time of day to add to the overall effect they want. From fresh early mornings to the golden glow of the magic hour around sunset time. The only limitation on this trend is the need to plan the wedding at a time of year when they won't get caught in rainy downpours, or snowstorms.

Twinkling Lights and Tents

Take an outdoor wedding up a notch by throwing in some fairy lights, or soft tented spaces, and you're all set for an unforgettably romantic occasion.

Tents offer some protection from the elements, but the visual appeal is what makes them utter magic. The soft, flowing lines of a tented space add an airy ambience to an occasion.

Securing a lighting technician will help you create the fairy tale location you’re looking for. Lights and draped fabric are a match made in heaven for a wedding.

roaming acoustic band
Looking For Unique Wedding Entertainment?

Unplugged and free to roam, an acoustic band will delight your wedding guests.

Live Music! Hire an Acoustic Roaming Band

Live music is firmly part of the British wedding tradition, and with good reason. The excitement and visual impact of a live band isn't matched by using recorded music. Talented musicians infuse a wedding with energy and a sense of fresh, joyful, celebration.

Live musicians are able to read a crowd, meet them where they are at, and transport them to another level of emotion. They have experience and know-how to create the right mood that the bridal couple is hoping for.

Unplugged and free to roam, an acoustic band will delight your wedding guests. Contemporary acoustic bands can deliver modern pop, folk, indie, soul or live-lounge style covers and classics.

If you're looking for something a little different to the norm, consider a Mariachi band or lively brass band to get the atmosphere in full flow. If you’re looking for something to surprise your guests, consider undercover singers who masquerade as waiters but spontaneously burst into song. How fun is that?

Alternative Entertainment

For weddings that fall before the big 'Freedom day', couples are getting creative with how to make their wedding into a fun occasion. From wedding games to speeches, couples are reinventing the day to make it memorable.

Couples will opt for fun games such as the shoe game. The bride and groom sit back to back, and exchange one of their shoes. One of the bridal party asks them questions which they have to answer by holding up a shoe that matches their answer. Include questions such as:

  • Who was first to say I love you?
  • Who is a better driver?
  • Who has neater handwriting?
  • Who dresses more stylishly?
  • Who is the better dancer?
  • Who is quicker to lose their temper?
  • Who says I love you more?
  • Who is more likely to be late?
  • Who is better at cooking?
  • Who got better grades in school?

Even though guests aren't participating, they'll laugh along with the couple as they reveal how much they know, or don't know, about each other.

wedding pets

Fur Babies!

Bridal couples are leaning toward smaller guest lists and intimate settings. Weddings are all about having your loved ones there, and if that's the case, why not include your pets?

Dog’s are an adorable addition to wedding photo albums. Well-trained pooches can even double up as ring-bearers. Whether or not someone has successfully included their cat in their wedding party remains a mystery.

Covid Babies

With the disruption to many of the weddings that were planned for 2020, many couples switched things up and opted to have a baby first and get married later. 2022 weddings are likely to feature many babies, either included in the wedding parties or brought along as tiny guests.

Covid baby

Micro Weddings

Micro weddings will remain a popular option throughout 2022, with the bridal pair choosing a handful of family and close friends to be part of their special day. A wedding with a guest list of under 50 people is a micro wedding.

Intimate weddings open up a myriad of opportunities that aren’t practical for bigger wedding parties. Venues that wouldn’t work for 100 guests are completely suitable for a smaller wedding party.

So if you're opting for a micro wedding, don't limit yourself to traditional venues and practices. Take advantage of the smaller crowd to create an occasion that is unique and memorable!

Rethinking Wedding Food

Food trends have also had to change with the times. Buffet meals, the standard fare of many weddings traditionally, may no longer be a practical option for health reasons. However, the alternatives are just as delicious.

wedding food van

Forget the Buffet, Opt for a Food Van

Moving away from the traditional buffet, some couples are opting for the novelty of a food truck. A food truck is a practical way of offering people the same wide variety of fair as a buffet did, while presenting it to them in a sanitary way that is safe for guests and caterers.

Cake & Champagne Reception

Some couples are skipping food altogether and opting for a much simpler solution - just cake and champagne. Something sweet and something bubbly - what more does a celebration need?

Personal Food Displays

To avoid sharing more than food, caterers are opting for individual plates instead of charcuterie boards and family-style meals.

Some caterers offer individual charcuterie boards, which is a good option if you're aiming for a touch of extravagance.

socially distanced seating

Socially Distanced Seating

Pod seating is the way to go to keep your guests safe. This means no match-making, but rather keeping those who came together, seated together. Lower the number of people per table to no more than four or six.

Socially Distanced Decor

Socially distanced seating arrangements in the reception venue can make the room look a little sparse. This is a perfect opportunity to get creative with decor and fill the holes with beautiful flowers, draping or statement pieces. Getting creative with decor will not only fill the gaps, but will create a special atmosphere in the reception venue.


Eloping - The Slip-Away Ceremony

Yes, your read it right! Gone is the stigma of days gone by where eloping was frowned on as something shameful.

Couples are choosing to forego a big, splashy ceremony and tie the knot quietly by themselves. Whether it’s budget inspired, a deliberate choice to avoid stress, or the desire for a simpler occasion that feels right to them, eloping has gained popularity and will continue to do so.

If you're going to do it, do it right! Find a beautiful location, invite a few loved ones if you want to. Remember that you can always have a big celebration at a later stage.

All About the Wedding Gown

Brides are taking advantage of the opportunity to dress up. Adding a matching mask to their wedding outfit will keep their look cohesive and elegant, while still being safety conscious.

There are three distinct trends taking centre-stage in 2022 and we love them all!

bohemian wedding decor


Whimsical and soft, the bohemian style is making a come-back. Flowing fabrics such as silk, chiffon, or tulle create breath-taking romance that is effortless and chic.

The Ballgown

The ever-classical ballgown is swishing back into the spotlight as the trend moves away from slim-fit, figure-hugging dresses. Embracing the drama of the big dress, ballgowns bring elegance with a dash of extravagance.

Non-Bridal Wedding Wear

Some brides are opting for anything but traditional wedding wear and honestly, it's your wedding so anything goes! Move over white, here comes colour. If you don't want to wear a dress, wear a pantsuit, or a jumpsuit. If you love sparkle, go for sequins. Wear a mini-dress. Choose what reflects your personal style, what suits you, and what makes you happy.

DIY Hair and Make-up

More brides are opting to do their own hair and make-up. Whether they took time to brush up their skills or acquire new ones while stuck at home, this is a trend that is on the increase. It makes sense from a budgeting point of view, and fits in beautifully with the trend toward more natural styling.

Effortless Hairstyles

Simple is better, seems to be the motto of 2022 bridal hair trends. Elevate every-day hair for a classic appeal that is uber-lux. Take a simple chignon or a sleek ponytail, decorate it with jewelled hairpins, or fresh flowers, and you have a winner.

Soft, natural curls can be left free, or loosely plaited and decorated with flowers, adding to the natural look that many brides are opting for.

soul wedding band

Soul Wedding Bands

When 'Freedom day' hits, the dancing will be back in full swing and there's no better way to get your groove on than with a soul wedding band. Perfect for fans of old school Motown, Stax, funk, R&B as well as some contemporary chart hits, a soul band will be a breath of fresh air at your reception.

Pump up the playlist with some iconic songs that will never go out of style from the 60's, songs from bands such as The Temptations, The Supremes, and The Miracles. Adding some live soul to your wedding will guarantee an unforgettable event.

Choosing a band for your wedding can seem daunting, but our Beginners Guide to Hiring a Wedding Band will help.

Flower Trends

A bride's choice of flowers is a sweet reflection of her personality, her hopes, and her dreams. The trend for 2022 is a full-colour explosion that celebrates life and joy.

Centrepieces Move Up

The elaborate centrepieces that presided over tables are now suspended as floral works of art. Apart from freeing up table space and emphasizing clean minimalism, suspending centrepieces fills the empty space above head-height with a pop of colour that is full of wow factor.

Trailing Bouquets

Bridal bouquets are getting bigger, spilling over with big blossoms in a vibe that is inspired by the 80's. If you want the effect without breaking your budget, ask your florist for seasonal blooms and lots of greenery. Those two things should keep the cost down.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers will still be a popular choice for 2022 couples, particularly mixed with fresh flowers. Dry flower trends are towards bright colours, that are cleverly used in bouquets and installations.

Eco-friendly wedding invites

Earth-Friendly Nuptials

The latest wedding trend towards environmentally-friendly weddings continues in 2022 as couples find new sustainable ways of doing weddings. Couples are choosing to do things that are kind to the planet, such as:

  • Renting as much as possible ... dresses, suits, decor and furniture.
  • Brides are leaning towards dried flowers, silk flowers or potted plants for bouquets and decor.
  • Couples are opting for electronic 'save the dates', wedding invitations, and RSVP's.
  • Reducing the use of single-use anything, choosing to live by the motto, 'if you need to use it, rent it.'
  • Being aware of food waste.
  • Using only biodegradable confetti, petals or rice.

An earth-friendly wedding will help the environment, but will also raise awareness among guests who may not be that way inclined.

This Is Us

Weddings will lean towards reflecting the individual interests, passions and lifestyles of the couple getting married. Decor will reflect this too, with couples opting to decorate with items from home, such as mirrors, frames, over-sized candles, and other knick-knacks.

In 2022 couples will express themselves through their wedding, and use it to share who they are and what they stand for. Their personalities will shine through every aspect of the event, how it is styled, the location, and the venue. Even the feel and the ambience of the event will carry the fingerprints of the couple getting married.

Wedding Cake Reinvented

Cakes are getting smaller, but not losing the impact of a large cake. These smaller cakes are exquisitely designed to pick up on other elements of the wedding, such as the colour of the flowers, or the intricate patterned detail of your dress.

Another play on a deconstructed single large cake, is to use three single-tier cakes displayed together. Different height stands make this layout very effective.

Mini individual cakes are a huge hit with guests, especially when served on a personalised coaster that they get to keep as their wedding favour.

Informal Toasts

Traditional wedding speeches were carefully planned and practised, delivered with sweaty palms to polite audiences who chuckle on cue.

The trend is moving to less formal, more intimate sharing. Wedding parties that are smaller and more intimate, allow loved ones to share special memories in a much more relaxed setting. The bridal couples often respond to their guests toasts, giving the speech element of the wedding a more conversational feel.

wedding budgets

Mid-Week Weddings

Mid-week weddings are becoming more and more popular, and with good reason.

  • Save money on wedding venue hire – any day during the week is usually cheaper than on weekends.
  • Your guests from out of town will save money on accommodation.
  • Honeymoon destinations are usually cheaper during the week than on weekends.
  • Avoiding crowded weekends will mean that you will get a booking at your first choice of wedding venue.
  • Choose the time of day you want to get married as registrars aren’t likely to have other weddings they need to work out times around.
  • Pick and choose your favourite wedding suppliers without worrying about availability.
  • Use the money you save to add special touches elsewhere, for example hiring a chocolate fountain.
  • Your guests get to have a day off work, providing you send out the 'save the date' early enough.
  • Celebrate for longer. You might want to get together without of town family over the weekend for a meal.
  • Choose to celebrate your wedding on a significant date without having to make sure it’s a Saturday.

It's clear to see why week-day weddings are becoming so popular.

Weekend-Long Weddings

2020 separated us from our loved ones, so it makes sense to stretch out the time spent together at a wedding to fill a weekend. Couples are getting creative with pre-wedding plans on the day before. Filling the actual wedding day with getting ready, the ceremony and all the celebrations, and the post-wedding recovery session the day after.

Full weekend weddings are definitely on the cards for 2022.

Sequel Weddings

Thanks to Covid, more than half the couples who held micro weddings or eloped, are intending to throw a wedding party once the pandemic is no longer such an issue. Given time, some of these couples may decide their small wedding was enough and forgo the big get together, others may need it.

Long Distance Celebration Packs

Another new wedding trend we're seeing is couples going the extra mile to care for those guests who are not able to be with them on their special day.

Whether it be because the wedding is happening via live-streaming, or a reduced guest list, the long distance guests are included by the care package mailed to them.

This can include a miniature bottle of champagne, or a cocktail kit. Some include treats like cookies, a mini wedding cake or even a full meal.

2022 Wedding Trends That Celebrate Life

Weddings are more than just witnessing two people commit themselves to each other. The focus of weddings is moving away from the impressive and embracing inspirational. More than ever before, couples are focusing on what is meaningful and making choices that are intentional.

Weddings are a celebration of life, love, and how precious family and friends are, and the wedding trends for 2022 reflect that.

Nothing adds life quite like music. If you'd like a live band to bring life and soul to your big day, call us at 0845 073 9440.