Why Hiring a Wedding Band Might Just Be the Best Thing You Do

Why Hiring a Wedding Band Might Just Be the Best Thing You Do

Planning your music and entertainment is an important part of your wedding day. It’s next on the list after you’ve chosen your wedding venue, picked your caterers and sorted your theme.

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So the formalities are over; you’ve had your ceremony, wedding breakfast, taken photographs and cut the cake. Now it’s time to let off a bit of steam, let your hair down (quite literally) and enjoy your wedding reception. What’s better than listening to live music and letting loose on the dancefloor with your partner and family?

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From getting your guests moving to creating an awesome atmosphere, hiring a wedding band will be one of the best things you can do. Here is a list of reasons from The Wedding Secret as to why hiring a band for your wedding celebration might just be the best thing you do.

Live is ultimately the best

There is absolutely no denying that live music is miles better than hearing it come out of speakers (even if the speakers are amazing). The sheer presence of a live band can instantly change the atmosphere of any venue or event including your wedding reception. Of course no one wants their wedding day to turn into a wild gig, but it can enhance the excitement and party atmosphere and make your day really memorable.

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Think back to the last live music event you went to, (hopefully) the atmosphere was incredible – something that live bands will always replicate when they play at an event or venue. Live music is infectious and even if you’re not into the music, the beat will surely get you moving if not at least get your feet tapping to the rhythm.

Whatever your tastes…

The best thing about hiring a wedding band is that there will definitely be a band to fit your preferred genre. From a pop covers band to a ceilidh band, it is guaranteed there will be a band that can fit into your wedding theme in some way.

Into 80’s music? Not a problem, there will be many 80s tribute bands out there who dedicate their music to the best artists of the era. Obsessed with a specific band? They’ll most definitely be a tribute band who will play at your wedding.

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Classical music bands can also be brilliant to create a more elegant atmosphere. You could hire a harpist, or a brass band to play you down the aisle. Whatever the genre, you’ll find a band!

Crowd Pleaser

The best thing about bands is their ability to encourage your guests to come out of their shell and onto the dancefloor. Whether it be dancing, singing or doing the conga, some of the best wedding bands can even get your grumpy grandpa up and dancing (even if he doesn’t know the music)!

Most bands can read their crowd, so they will get a feel and understanding of what your guests want. They’ll know what to play and what not to play and can be as interactive as they feel necessary. If your close friends and relatives are quite rowdy, the band will surely play up to this and make your night one to remember for a long time!

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Even if you have a quiet Granny, guaranteed the band will get her foot tapping at some point! Trust us, everyone loves a band!

Call us soppy but nothing says romance more than a being serenaded with a love song from a live band. Although this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there is no denying that there is something very romantic about live music, no matter what the genre. Given that it’s a wedding, there’s got to be some romance about, so why not make the day even more special with a wedding band?

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Your first dance is the most important song played at your wedding. It’s the first song you and your partner will dance to as an ‘official’ married couple. This can be learnt by the band and the end result can be absolutely magical. There’s nothing better than dancing to your special song together performed by a live bad, who will most probably sound just like the real thing (or just as good as)!

What’s best is that if you are quite a shy couple who don’t really want the spotlight, the band are up there with you. They can easily get the rest of your guests joined in and dancing pretty quickly afterwards, so you’re both not there on your own with everyone watching.

A lot of couples are put off by a bands limited repertoire and believe they will only stick to these songs. This, however, is just not true. For some bands, if you had a few specific songs in mind they are happy to learn these but would require advance notice so they can learn it prior to your day (it’s only fair). However if you hire a talented and experienced band, a lot of them can adapt their music and take requests on the day. This will be even better for your guest’s enjoyment and another reason to hire a band!

Bands can play at any time

You don’t have to hire a wedding band purely for your wedding reception. If your venue is flexible, bands certainly are too!

As there are different band types, you can hire a band for another part of your wedding. Imagine walking down the aisle to a brass band playing your wedding march, or perhaps a steel drum band playing your recession?

Whether it’s for your ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast or evening reception you can find a wedding band to suit. Perhaps have a harpist playing at your drinks reception for a touch of elegance? It’s your wedding and certainly your way and wedding bands tend to be very versatile!

A day to remember…

Of course there is no denying that your special day will remain in the memories of your loved ones for years to come, but adding a band to the mix will put your wedding on a whole other level! Most guests remember good food and good entertainment. Hiring a wedding band will guarantee a party night that will stick in your guest’s memories for life! Trust us, it’s completely worth it!

If these reasons don’t convince you we’re assuming you’re just not that into music?