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Wedding DJs

Wedding DJs

If you're looking for an all-in-one wedding entertainment package containing all the music you could possibly need for your big day, you'll find a variety of great choices right here in Bands for Hire's wedding DJ section.

Hire a Professional Wedding DJ

Our DJs for weddings have performed at countless ceremonies all over the UK, making magical memories with the happy couple and the friends and family too. From the moment your guests set foot in the building to the last dance at the reception, our DJs for weddings know exactly what's needed every step of the way – and they're skilled and experienced enough to keep the party going and the music flowing without missing a beat. You'll find our wedding DJs understand precisely when to flip the record over from traditional processional music to engaging party anthems – and please let them know what you've got in mind for your first dance song, as they'd be delighted to make that moment all the more magical for you.

Each of our wedding DJs puts their own spin on their wedding playlist, often specialising in a particular genre, be it pop, dance, disco or electro swing – but you'll find each of them to be friendly, engaging and highly professional on the day (and extremely helpful during the run up to your wedding, which is often the most stressful period). You can read and listen to the kind of thing our DJs for weddings tend to play by clicking on their personal profiles – and if there's anything missing that you'd like to be played, or indeed anything you'd prefer not to have played, just drop us a message.

Book a wedding DJ

Our wedding DJs provide their own equipment and can adapt to play in a variety of venues – just notify us beforehand if the venue you've chosen imposes any restrictions on volume or time. Professional DJs have an advantage over live wedding bands when it comes to space, but they'll still need room to perform, so please bear this in mind when you're working out where everything goes. We base our quotes on a typical evening ceremony ending at midnight, so please let us know if your case is different in any way. We aim to provide for as wide a range of budgets, venues and musical tastes as possible, so have a browse of our wedding DJs to find one which suits you, and we'll find you a deal which suits you just as well.

Jamie Berry - Electro Swing DJ
From £595
Fresh-faced producer Jamie Berry is recognised for his musical couplet of shuffling modern beats and vintage swing sounds. Jamie's...
Mono Mono DJs
From £425
Reliable DJs you can trust to keep any dance floor full from start to finish! Mono Mono DJs work with a collective group of professional, modern and committed DJs...
DJ Brando James
From £365
London based DJ/Producer Brando James re-edits classic tracks to bring you an experience that is fresh but somehow familiar. The son of a...
Cosmic Beats
From £935
Exciting and innovative all-female three piece dance music outfit bring you a unique combination of DJing and live. This genre-defying trio has leapt from success to...
Female London DJ / Percussionist
From £500
London Dj and percussionist offering a set perfect for high-end corporate events, shows and festivals. Her on-stage presence and charisma...
Dillon - DJ
From £365
Dillon is a professional DJ who offers unique and original mixes as well as being able to use real turntables upon request! Dillon is a versatile DJ offering both...
Rose - International VIP Club & Events DJ
From £425
With a reputation as one of the most in-demand DJs on the international events circuit, Rose promises to add a fun and sophisticated edge...
DJ Ellie
From £795
Searching for a vibrant and thrilling DJ that breaks the mould of a traditional act? Look no further because DJ Ellie is ready to bring her unique DJ/sax fusion to a...
Daniel - Ibiza DJ
From £425
Daniel is an Ibiza regular performing vibrant mixes of club classics for chilled out vibes or the perfect party anthem! Daniel has over...
DJ Mimi
From £365
DJ Mimi is a versatile international DJ with explosive sets and vibrant mixes to blow the roof off any event! London based DJ Mimi is an exuberant and colourful...
Club Alive!
From £2050
Looking to add a bit of glamour to your evening's entertainment? Club Alive! come fully equipped with spectacular energy, style and an amazing show to keep you and...

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